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NHS Supply Chain provides free SaniPost hand sanitiser stations to NHS trusts

Tuesday 2 February 2010

Fully automated stations to help fight infections in hospitals

NHS trusts will find it easier and more efficient to fight infections as NHS Supply Chain offers SaniPost hand sanitiser stations to hospitals across England and Wales for free.

Sanipost stations are free to use, automatic hand cleaning units to help hospitals with their infection control.

They dispense sanitiser via a sensor operated device when hands are placed inside. This negates the risk of cross-infection as no surface needs to be touched, something vital in hospitals for staff, patients and visitors alike.

Roger West, Procurement Director at NHS Supply Chain says, “We are proud to offer such a great solution for trusts. Not only will the stations help fight the risk of infection but the units are provided free-of-charge by SaniPost, which is great news as trusts look for efficiency savings.”

Each unit is six feet tall, making it stand out to encourage hand hygiene and can be filled with any product chosen by the trust. The units can also help trusts reduce costs and reduce their impact on the environment compared with standard hand washing as the units require no use of water or electricity*.

Warren Edmondson, Managing Director at SaniPost says, “There has been growing concern recently around the spread of infection and we're happy to help allay those fears by installing SaniPost in NHS hospitals. The stations allow for better infection control because there is no need to touch buttons or levers."

Trusts can order the units direct from SaniPost, quoting NHS Supply Chain ref. SAN1267 and maintenance of the unit is also provided free. Hand sanitising product is not included with the unit and trusts must purchase this separately. They are free to use whichever product they choose.


Notes to editors

* The units are operated by battery. Each will last for approximately 75,000 cycles and are recycled according to UK legislation by PHS waste management chemical division.

For every 250 uses of SaniPost a trust can save:
Up to £5 in paper towel costs
Up to 4000 watts from hand dryers
Up to 550 pints of water

Figures provided by SaniPost
Trusts can order an unlimited number of SaniPost stations for use in hospital sites. SaniPost’s parent company, Nettoyer Media covers the cost of installation and maintenance by using the panels on the units for advertising, which is agreed by each trust beforehand. The advertising includes charities, healthy food brands, Government campaigns, information ads as well as in-house NHS messages.

Nettoyer Media has agreed a partnership with leading supplier PHS who will integrate the units into hospitals. PHS is then responsible for servicing the SaniPost units to ensure they are working fully at all times, 24/7. The pilot contract is for SaniPost hand sanitising stations only; it does not include any sanitising product. Trusts can purchase any sanitising product to be dispensed by the units.

For more information please contact:

NHS Supply Chain
Andrew Brentnall on 01773 724196 or at

Warren Edmondson 020 7566 0434

About NHS Supply Chain

NHS Supply Chain is operated by DHL on behalf of the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA). Its aim is to provide over £1 billion of savings to the NHS so that resources are released for customers to focus on quality frontline patient care, manage costs and achieve sustainable value. NHS Supply Chain provides its services to over 600 NHS trusts and private healthcare providers and offers over 620,000 products. It manages the entire supply chain process for medical consumables - from the sourcing of products, right through to their delivery and supply.

Key services include:

By ordering through NHS Supply Chain, trusts negate the need to tender themselves through EU processes (OJEU). This saves trusts time and money on the lengthy tendering process.

NHS Supply Chain arranges the delivery of products to the required location.

NHS Supply Chain offers an electronic system to manage all transactions, including an online catalogue, online ordering and an e-billing system.

The range of over 620,000 products includes:

  • theatres
  • nursing
  • food and facilities
  • clinical markets
  • capital equipment

Based in Alfreton, Derbyshire, UK, the business employs around 2,400 staff in eight locations.

About SaniPost
Nettoyer Media was formed in May 2008 to develop SaniPost and launch it firstly in the UK, and then Europe. It is run by Warren Edmondson who has ambitious expansion plans to develop the product further. SaniPost is a revolutionary hand cleaning unit for the public on the go.

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