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Smart Product Innovations Direct to Trusts Through NHS Supply Chain’s Improved Innovation Scorecard

Wednesday 4 April 2012

  • Smart product innovations direct to trusts through NHS Supply Chain’s improved Innovation Scorecard
  • NHS Supply Chain’s refreshed Innovation Scorecard has been made simpler for suppliers to use, whilst still offering the quickest route to market
  • Since its launch the scorecard has received 181 submissions, 21 of which have made it to contract with more in the pipeline
  • One successful product has seen £270,000 worth of sales in just over a year, which is an increase of 10% for one SME.

This April sees the relaunch of NHS Supply Chain’s highly successful Innovation Scorecard. Initially launched in October 2009 the tool has quickly brought to market 21 innovative products which include:

Tournistrip™, Bailey Instrument’s Nail Nipper, SportVis™, Cygnetic® surgical instrument handle and blades, Vision® Vaginal Infection Swab (VIS), Vision® ALD, RenehaVis™, LeGoo Vessel Occlusion Gel, Bio-Pax® and Bioclad PVC Cladding

“All of the products that are now on contract are innovative in their own right, whether they reduce cost, improve patient outcomes or make things easier and more efficient for clinicians. Innovations such as these should be made easily accessible for trusts no matter when the product is developed. The updated, new online scorecard process ensures that innovation is captured irrelevant of when product specific tenders are being completed” says Joanna Timmerman, Procurement Managing Director at NHS Supply Chain.

“We have worked hard to make sure the needs of suppliers and customers are met and understand that innovative products are created through necessity of having the most up to date equipment that is not only sustainably sourced and priced but where technological advancements have been made for improved healthcare.” continues Joanna.

The original Innovation Scorecard was developed through collaboration with the National Innovation Centre (NIC) in 2009. Further development has enabled NHS Supply Chain to create a more bespoke system that allows true innovation to be quickly accessible to the NHS market in a compliant way.

Bailey Instruments Ltd were one of the first suppliers to have their product brought to market through the Innovation Scorecard, Simon Charlesworth from Bailey’s says, “NHS Supply Chain has taken a proactive and supportive approach in recognising innovation and adopting it into their product ranges. The whole process has been relatively swift, responsive and visible and allows new product entry without undermining the tender process.

“NHS Supply Chain is now the major route to market for us accounting for 80% of our sales for the innovation. We have had over £270,000 worth of sales for this product through their route and are looking forward to working with them in the future and especially using the new tool and process again. NHS Supply Chain acts in a genuinely entrepreneurial way to achieve a balance between clinical design innovation and commercial returns, even for SME’s” concludes Simon.

“Knowing that there is a route to market for all suppliers including SMEs, (Small to Medium Enterprises) with innovative products that are ready to go is a real bonus as without this avenue many products that could change patient experiences for the better would otherwise be lost. This has been a key driving point behind improving the scorecard process and we hope to bring hundreds more products through the process in the near future.” concludes Joanna Timmerman.

NHS Supply Chain is also continuing to work closely with the Department of Health on iTAPP and Design Bugs Out with 25 products available via these programmes. These initiatives have been designed to make innovative products available to the entire NHS, whilst also supporting SMEs.

For further information please visit www.supplychain/innovation


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Notes to editors

About NHS Supply Chain

NHS Supply Chain is operated by DHL as Agent of the NHS Business Services Authority. It supports the National Health Service (NHS) and other healthcare organisations in England and Wales by providing end to end supply chain solutions.

The organisation was formed in 2006 from the NHS Logistics Authority and parts of the NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency (NHS PASA). NHS Supply Chain aims to provide over £1 billion of savings to the NHS by 2016.

NHS Supply Chain manages the sourcing, delivery and supply of healthcare products and food for over 1,000 NHS trusts and healthcare organisations. It provides a single point of access to over 620,000 products ranging from bandages to sutures, from gloves to implants, and even diagnostic equipment such as MRI scanners.

Its management of the procurement process negates an NHS organisation’s need to tender through the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). Costs can also be reduced through its one-route solution that consolidates all products onto one invoice and delivery – this saves up to £1* per product in back office administration costs and removes up to 40 deliveries going into a trust compared with ordering goods separately. (*source: NHS Supply Chain 2009 value proposition study with Southampton NHS trust)

To ensure that its products are fit for today’s healthcare market, NHS Supply Chain works with suppliers of all sizes to ensure its range embraces high quality and innovative products; and engages with clinicians, the Department of Health and academic institutions to make sure that it is aware of the current requirements and latest developments in clinical practice.

  • Theatres
  • Dental
  • Audiology
  • Catering, including food
  • Infection control
  • Orthopaedics
  • Rehabilitation
  • Capital equipment, including finance and maintenance.

Based in Alfreton, Derbyshire, UK, the business employs around 2,400 staff in ten locations.