Website and Systems

Tracking Your eDirect Orders

1 September 2022

Responding to customer feedback about greater order visibility, we’ve introduced eDirect delivery tracking.

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Improving ICNs: New Filter For Free PPE ICNs

21 July 2022

We are responding to your feedback and improving notices about temporary supply issues and safety alerts.

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Customer Checklist For Ease Of Ordering

18 July 2022

Our top tips to ensure your orders can be as smooth as possible.

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Providing a More Efficient and Sustainable eBilling Solution to More Customers 

5 July 2022

We have made further enhancements to our eBilling system to enable more customers to receive their invoices electronically.

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New Ordering District Codes for ICBs from 1 July 2022

5 July 2022

Supporting the transition of Clinical Commissioning Groups into Integrated Care Systems from 1 July 2022.

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Tips for Searching for Stationery Items on the Online Catalogue

10 June 2022

We have listened to your feedback and understand pain points when searching for stationery read our hits and tips here.

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Withdrawal of Support for Internet Explorer

26 May 2022

Microsoft Internet Explorer is now end of life in the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy, which means that support is gradually being withdrawn.

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Improving Our Website User Experience

8 April 2022

Keeping you informed about changes to our website's overall design.

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Information Website – Access Additional Content With a Website Login

2 March 2022

Find out the benefits of having a website account and how to apply for one.

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Product Suspension Reasons

28 January 2022

Following customer feedback we have streamlined our product suspension reasons and made them more transparent.

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