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Ecommerce Systems update Wednesday 29 October 2014

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Update 29 October 9:00 am

Over the past two days a number of updates to “fix“ issues have been put in place which have resolved many of these reported issues. However there remain some outstanding challenges:

Outstanding System Challenges

  1. The eDC system is slow to process demand and timing out.
  2. Some Trusts have issues in downloading from the PDAs.
  3. NON stock files not transmitting due to IP address not being added by third party system providers to their network access lists.
  4. Some Trusts have requisitions which have processed late and are aligned to a unacceptable delivery date.

Please see below a full update on the outstanding issues and the timescales that we anticipate to resolve them in.

eDC system slow

A system upgrade was implemented overnight last night and this is expected to speed up eDC demand processing to normal levels on Wednesday 29 October. As a precaution, we have scheduled online ordering “down time” during Wednesday 29 October, this will create additional system capacity to process eDC orders. If it is necessary, the down time will occur every hour from midday through to 16:00 hours.

How will this affect you?

Online ordering will not be available for around 10 minute at each downtime session however, eDC demand will continue to be processed to ensure demand is not affected. A message has been placed on our Online Catalogue and Ordering system to advise end users of the potential disruption to service. The down time is 12:00 , 13:00 , 14:00 , 15:00 , 16:00

Issues downloading from PDAs

Trusts that are experiencing issues downloading from their PDAs have been contacted directly by our CShelpdesk team to work through individual resolutions. Please contact our CS Helpdesk on 0845 680 4357 if you are still experiencing issues with getting your PDAs to connect to our systems -we are on standby to support the management of a resolution.

Non-Stock Orders not transmitting

We realise that there is currently an issue with the transmission of a small number of non-stock orders from eDC. It is understood that this is due to our new IP address not being visible by some third party suppliers network access lists. We understand these third party providers are working to rectify the situation. We are also in contact with the third party providers to define a resolution as quickly as possible and will provide an update as soon as we are able.

Requisitions which have not been processed 27/28 October

Our Customer Services team have been in touch with those Trusts whom we know have not successfully processed demand. Where requested, we are moving requisitions to ensure clinical services are not impacted. If your Trust has orders which are aligned to incorrect delivery days or orders which have not been processed Monday/ Tuesday of this week please contact your local customer services team who will do everything possible to arrange urgent orders where needed.

We are aware of the significant impact our upgrade has had upon your Trust, we apologise for this inconvenience and assure you we are working hard to restore normal service as a priority. A further update will be provided at close of business Wednesday 29 October.

Stacie Croxton
Customer Service & Marketing Director

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