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Have you tried our new and improved reporting suite?

Saturday 4 October 2014

NHS Supply Chain has a reporting suite (TR reports) which provides information to support buying decisions within your Trust.

Responding to customer feedback, we have improved this reporting suite adding two new reports and making a number of enhancements to existing ones. In addition, we have also made some changes to the look and feel of the reports.

The main benefits for you and other users at your Trust are:

  • Easier to track and manage masked products
  • Easier to manage who has access to our systems within your Trust
  • Easier to identify authorisers for each transaction
  • More representative view of new products for your Trust.

Additional TR Reports

Masked Product Report (TR31)
This has been developed to enable you to easily see all masked products at requisition point level that have been ordered by your Trust over a defined period.

Active web site users reports (TR32)
This will show all active users with website access in your Trust and supports Trust Administrators in their role of ensuring only valid users have access to the information held against specific DOH codes.

Updates to existing TR Reports

We have incorporated additional information into the reports listed below:

  • TR13 (New products) – now include any new regional products. Also, automated delivery charges have been removed to provide like-for-like information in one place.
  • TR22 (Search by transaction) – now reports where the name of the authoriser has been included.
  • TR12 (Requisition point analysis) - layout in the product section now provides better consistency of information.

Changes to look and feel

In line with customers’ feedback, we have made the following changes to look and feel of the reports:

  • New style re-branded PDF output
  • Excel outputs (no longer totalled) to allow end user manipulation
  • Report generation page is now consistent with Trust Savings Reports
  • DOH code selection is easier as you can type full or part trust name/DOH code, all results for selected criteria are returned.

What next?

Check you are registered to use the reports

If you do not have access to our reporting suite and think it could be beneficial please apply for a website account.

As some of these reports contain trust specific information access will be available once permission from the trust has been granted.

Register for the TR report training webinar

You can register now for one of our training webinars taking place in early November. While these sessions will focus primarily on the new developments they will also help you get the most from the reporting suite as a whole.

Try out the reporting suite

Need help with the reports?

Call our customer helpdesk on 0845 680 4357 or email and a representative will respond to your enquiry.

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