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Be kept in the loop with our new email me functionality

Thursday 12 October 2017

As part of a series of customer driven enhancements to improve your experience when ordering products, we recently introduced changes to our Online Catalogue and Ordering system to enable users to have greater stock visibility of whether a product stocked within our warehouse network is available to order or not. 

As a further improvement, we have now introduced additional functionality that allows users to receive email notifications of when out of stock items are available to order again.

This change only relates to those items displayed as being “Out of Stock” within our Online Ordering and Online Catalogue system.

  • If a product is displayed as being “Out of Stock” within online ordering or online catalogue then an “Email Me” button will also be displayed. 
  • Clicking this button will generate an automated email notification to the user logged in as soon as the product is back in stock again and available to order.
  • Users will receive one email per different product/NPC they click.

Full details of this new functionality, including screenshots, can be viewed in the release notes via the link below.

For help with using our Online Catalogue and Ordering system, click here to access the full user guide.

Release notes

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