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Introducing our new and improved Online Catalogue and Ordering System

Thursday 1 March 2012

Following customer feedback and our ongoing online improvement process, we have merged the existing Online Ordering system (SOLO) with NHS Cat which will be easier to use and save you time when placing an order.

New features helping to make your life easier...

Single sign on

Single sign on - You will only need to log in once to view website information, browse the catalogue and place an order.

Shopping basket functionality

Shopping basket functionality - Browse the catalogue and select items using the 'add to basket' feature which allows you to hover over your basket to see its contents.

New look and feel

New look and feel, in line with the rest of the website. Easy to use features, such as sign in will always be at the top left of the screen, wherever you are on the system.

Take a look

Use our catalogue homepage guide to find out more.

Things that will not change:

  • Masking
  • Favourites
  • QuickAdd - the ability to paste in codes and order instantly

We have a number of trusts' currently testing the system and we will provide further information to confirm when the system will be live for all trusts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Simon Walker - Tel: 01623 587151 | Email or Lyndsey Powell - Tel: 01623 587150 | Email

We would be grateful if you could cascade this information to all users within your trust.

Notice to IE6 users:

Please be aware that although this application is Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) web browser compatible, Microsoft have announced that they will no longer support IE6. Therefore you will need to upgrade your browser for a safer browsing experience. For further advice please go to

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