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New Discount Management System coming soon

Thursday 11 June 2015

Overview of Commitment Discounts

We work with suppliers on your behalf to offer further discounts on our prices via nationally available commitment schemes. You can identify schemes you want to join and subscribe to them using our new Discount Management System (DMS) web application, either as an individual trust or as a Confederation.

Once subscribed, you can monitor your progress within a scheme (for example, identifying the quantity purchased to date when the commitment is to purchase a minimum quantity) and see the rebate you have earned.

What is DMS?

Our new Discount Management System (DMS) enables you to subscribe to new commitment discount schemes plus track and effectively manage existing schemes. As a trust user, you will be able to manage what you are currently subscribed to and view only your trust’s level of schemes. Once DMS is being used, commitment discounts can be more formally and carefully managed so in turn, it will enable more savings to be achieved.

What will DMS provide?

  • Customers will have visibility of available schemes and the ability to subscribe to these schemes.
  • Customers will have access to a dashboard which will provide an overview of the status of the schemes they are subscribed to, establish if they are on track and provide visibility of rebates paid.
  • Secure user access management, audit trail and archiving of non-subscribed rebate schemes.

Access to DMS

The system will be available to use later this month. To be able to use the system you will require a website account. If you do not have website access, please create an account to start the user authorisation process. We will send you further details closer to launch.

Help and support

General commitment discount/DMS issues:
Financial issues:
IT queries: and 0845 6804 357

Discount Management System Guidance Notes


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