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New Notes Field in Online Ordering for eDirect Customers

Monday 19 January 2015

Customers who use Online Ordering will soon notice two new ‘Note’ fields when ordering eDirect products. These new fields entitled ‘Notes’ will give you the ability to add batch and serial information and other information for suppliers at both order level and line level that will carry through from the point of order to the supplier. We will be in touch to let you know the release date.

How to use the new fields

  • When you add batch, serial and other information to these fields, this informs the supplier which products exactly you are referring to and this increases the audit ability around batch and serial-tracked products along with consigned stock.
  • As the new ‘Notes’ fields are free text fields, eDirect users can use them for a variety of tasks. For example, with a note of “Invoice only – do not replace” signals to the supplier to charge for a used product but not to replace in the next delivery. This may be relevant if you are trialling new products.
  • Customisation criteria e.g. colour or measurements can be included alongside the product and transmitted to the supplier at the point of order.

Important points to remember

  • These new fields remove the need to contact a supplier directly to provide additional information.
  • The fields are character limited so you can type up to 100 characters at order level and up to 160 characters at line level.
  • These two new fields will be included into the TR21 and TR22 reports for easy reference of any notes, batch or serial references entered on orders.
  • These fields are only for batch, serial and other information for eDirect users. Other users may find that their notes may not be recognised. Please contact your local customer service advisor if you need help with placing an order.

For more information

If you have any further queries about this the new ‘Notes’ fields for eDirect users or any other system queries, please contact

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