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New Savings Reports help trusts deliver greater savings

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Savings Reports - Capture all spend, savings and cost pressure by trust at portfolio, supplier and product levels.

Monday 19 May 2014

Our new and improved savings reports give you a complete overview of your trust’s spend, savings and cost pressures at portfolio*, supplier and product level.

These easy-to-use reports provide tailored insight down to requisition point. They enable you to identify and monitor cost improvements, capturing price variations, savings from alternative products, retrospective rebates and capital equipment. In addition they identify savings opportunities and provide useful insight into indexation and cost avoidance.

The new reports will help you:

  • Save time and effort, enabling you to provide tailored insight to your stakeholders on savings achieved and cost pressures to be addressed
  • Develop your procurement workplan, enabling you to more easily identify key areas of cost pressure and work through solutions with your key stakeholders
  • Capture more savings by monitoring changes in demand, enabling you to gain insight into how further savings can be achieved from alternative products
  • Track the value being achieved by using NHS Supply Chain contracts.

Management Tools -  Now available

  • Savings Opportunities – Provides your top level potential savings figures, based on suitable
    alternatives identified through our compare and save programme
    • Shows the effect on spend of buying a comparable product to your current choice.
    • Shown as a range of savings (minimum and maximum) against current spend. All
      alternatives are considered in the calculation, and a cost pressure or spend increase
      may be shown in the minimum saving.
    • For detailed Savings Opportunities data please continue to liaise with your NHS Supply Chain
      Account Manager.
  • Savings Projections – Provides your estimated savings projections until the end of the NHS year.**
    • Transacted purchases only are shown.
    • Projections currently calculated for price increases and price decreases.
    • Calculated using the latest month-end band 1 prices and historic volumes.

The table below is a quick guide to the different types of the report and how they can be used.

Savings report Application Benefit
Portfolio* Informing areas of focus for joint saving plans with NHS Supply Chain Gives broader picture on performance across a range of portfolios down to requisition point level.
Supplier Informing discussions with NHS Supply Chain on performance of thier suppliers Enables your team to demonstrate to key stakeholders, the value delivered by their suppliers
Product Tracking of price movements to inform discussions with NHS Supply Chain Saves time in tracking where the biggest cost pressures are across the trust

How do I get started?

Download our range of support materials for you and your team:

Quick Guide to Savings Reports

Download the guide blue arrow

Full User Guide (including glossary of terms)

Download the guide blue arrow

Try out the new reports

Visit our website to try out the new reports

Need help running the reports?

Call our customer helpdesk on 0845 680 4359 or email and a representative will respond to your enquiry.

*NHS Supply Chain’s trading portfolios. There are multiple contracts within each portfolio.

**The projection is a mathematical extrapolation based on a point in time and not a price promise.

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