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Supplier Portal system update to support the Department of Health Scan4Safety initiative

Friday 18 August 2017

In response to the Department of Health Scan4Safety initiative and to support our compliance journey, we have made some changes across our Supplier Portal system to display product Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) codes and Global Location Numbers (GLN) codes against requisition point codes.

The changes we have made cover the following areas and further detail on each is provided in the accompanying release notes:

  • Reports – batch tracking and demand reports
  • ECommerce – orders, order amendment emails and consignment stock
  • Labels - stock, blue diamond and eDirect.

Please note:

  • The supplier portal functionality remains unchanged.
  • GTIN codes will be visible following future enhancements to the system and where data is available.
  • GLN codes will only be visible against requisition points where customers have provided them.


Supplier Portal release notes

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