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NHS Supply Chain makes easy reading with updated web support technology

New and improved Browsealoud texthelp support

New and improved Browsealoud web reading support now integrated into our site

Wednesday 16 December 2015

As part of our commitment to deliver a simple, user-friendly web experience to customers, we have updated our speech and reading support tools on our website using innovative technology from Browsealoud.

Browsealoud reads website content aloud and highlights each word as it is spoken across a range of languages. The programme is simple and free to use without the need for any installation of software, and is recognised by all corporate firewalls to remove the risk of blockage. Browsealoud is being utilised across a growing number of organisations and numerous trusts to enhance the user experience.

The new Browsealoud panel provides a number of useful options for users including:

  • automatic speak mode - automatically starts reading the text aloud from the current page
  • hover to speak mode - ability to hover over individual words, sentences and paragraphs of text
  • remove clutter from the screen - displaying only the main text in mask mode
  • enlarge text - various sizes available
  • various colour themes
  • ability to customise preferences to suit individual needs
  • allows selected text to be converted into audible mp3 files.

“We've used the Browsealoud service for a number of years now, and it is fundamental in enabling critical accessibility tools, providing advantages for the 20 per cent of the population that requires reading support” explains Tim Smith, Web Manager at NHS Supply Chain.  “With the updated technology from Browsealoud, and integration of the new dynamic panel functionality into our website it means users have access to the support tools immediately without having to install any software. At NHS Supply Chain, we are constantly working with customers to improve the web experience, and the recent updates are a significant step forward on this journey.”

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