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New VAT Reclaim Report now available

New VAT Reclaim Report now live

New VAT Reclaim Report now live

Thursday 4 February 2016

Under current HMRC legislation, products purchased by your organisation1 for the purpose of providing healthcare services are not eligible for VAT* reclaim as they are classified as non-business.

However, where confectionery products are purchased through NHS Supply Chain specifically for resale e.g. in restaurants, cafes or vending machines, your finance team can reclaim VAT* as part of their monthly VAT returns which could contribute towards your cost improvement target.

Located within the saving section of TR reports, the new VAT Reclaim Report shows you how much VAT* could be reclaimed on confectionery products purchased for resale through declared NHS Supply Chain requisition points.

How to set up the reports

Liaise with your local NHS Supply Chain Account Manager to ensure you have access to the TR Reports and then identify the requisition points where confectionery products are purchased for resale or alternatively set up new ones.

Your Director of Finance will then need to sign a declaration form confirming their intention to reclaim VAT* on the confectionery products through these requisition points and send it to the NHS Supply Chain Finance Team for approval.

It should take no longer than seven working days from form submission to VAT reclaim flags appearing against these declared requisition points in your catalogue. Once these are live, the report can be run.


Further information

For more information contact your local NHS Supply Chain Manager.

1English NHS organisations only
*Supplier VAT included in NHS Supply Chain’s price

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