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Digital Solutions

Centricity High Acuity (CHA) Ready Care Solution

An out of the box solution designed to support organisations with the digital management of patients within ICU.

X-ray of human lungs using the CAD4COVID ArtificiaI Intelligence Solution

CAD4COVID CXR Artificial Intelligence Solution

CAD4COVID is a free to use, CE Certified AI software, developed to triage suspected COVID-19 patients and diagnose COVID-19 symptoms using chest X-rays.

Compressed SENSE

Compressed SENSE is an MR Clinical Application for Philips MR systems. It shortens single MRI sequences and full MRI examinations in both 2D and 3D examinations with its breakthrough acceleration technique.

Edison Datalogue Connect

This image sharing tool enables staff to work remotely and collaboratively.

Snapshot of part of the HiPRES clinical testing workflow

HiPRES™ Clinical Testing Workflow Solution

Leverage the power of mobile to digitise your clinical testing workflows using BridgeHead’s HiPRES™ solution and save 10%

Vitrea Advanced Lung Analysis and Lung Density Applications

A suite of three applications – CT Lung analysis, CT Lung Density Analysis and Image Denoising developed to support the increased need for lung imaging during COVID-19.