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Vitrea Advanced Lung Analysis and Lung Density Applications

A suite of three applications to support the imaging of patients’ lungs with COVID-19.

Cross sections of human lungs using the Vitrea Advanced Lung Analysis and Lung Density Applications

Product features: Vitrea Image Denoising

  • Structure Preserving Diffusion denoising algorithm (SPD) improves signal to noise ratio
  • Predefined image filter presets may be modified and saved for future use
  • Interactive denoising preview capability
  • Real time toggle between original and denoised volumes.

Product features: CT Lung Analysis

  • Automated segmentation of lung and airways with expert presets for visualization
  • Single-click lung nodule segmentation tools to include solid nodules and ground glass opacity (GGO) nodules
  • Automatic nodule tracking of all measurements
  • Dictation table with Lung-RADS®, Fleischner Criteria.

Product features: Lung Density Analysis

  • Aids in characterisation of areas of low attenuation within the lungs and provides quantifiable controls and renderings for communication with referring clinicians
  • Lung density result quantification with HU density range, volume measurements, lung density index and the PD15% measurement
  • Density graph/histogram of the classified lung voxels’ relative frequencies
  • Adjustable density thresholds for refining and optimising HU ranges.

Due to COVID-19 there is now an increased need for lung imaging. Vitrea offer a suite of applications that include CT Lung analysis, CT Lung Density Analysis and Image Denoising.

These applications aid patient lung imaging in three key ways:

  • Lung volume quantification; indexed quantification of lung density and automatic visualisation of Hounsfield Unit ranges in both 3D and MPR.
  • Segmentation and detailed measurement of pulmonary structures and abnormalities including airways, solid nodules and ground glass opacities.
  • Software improves the appearance of low signal-noise ratio of images.

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These applications are available on a direct purchase agreement. Please contact our Medical IT team to find out more about these solutions.

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