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Workplace Solutions

Air Sterilisation Unit for Killing Viruses

Air Sterilisation

A range of airflow control units that remove respiratory viruses and bacteria, as well as dust and other allergens to maximise sterilisation.

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Antimicrobial labels

Transparent, self-adhesive film labels, help protect staff and patients by stopping the spread of bacteria and viruses, found on commonly used surfaces.

Antimicrobic Booths

A range of different sized antimicrobic booths offering a clean and sterile environment for staff to meet or conduct patient consultations.

Safe Push Door Plates

A sustainable product to help with the fight against spreading bacteria, while being environmentally friendly.

Temperature Screening

Products to detect high temperatures amongst staff, patients and visitors whilst minimising physical contact.

Touchless Technology Powered Lockers

A range of touchless lockers that are coated with long lasting powder protection which helps prevent the spread of microbes.

Virus Screens

A range of free standing and fixed acrylic screens that help stop the spread of airborne germs.