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Antimicrobial labels

Transparent, self-adhesive film labels, help protect staff and patients by stopping the spread of bacteria and viruses, found on commonly used surfaces.

Product features:

  • The active ingredient is non-toxic
  • Durable – guaranteed for up to five years and unaffected by the use of cleaning chemicals, including cleaning wipes.
  • 24/7 protection – permanent and continuous protection, even when cut to a specific shape/size
  • Hard-wearing – tested against 100hrs immersion in oleic acids, oils, and creams and 72 hours water immersion.
  • Tough – withstands temperatures of -40°C – 60°C.

These transparent, self-adhesive film labels are coated with a unique antimicrobial coating. They can be used as ordered or can be cut to specific shape/size. 

Available as a removable adhesive or a permanent adhesive option:


  • A3 sheet – 1 film label per sheet (400x277mm)
  • A4 sheet – 1 film label per sheet (199.6×289.1mm)
  • A4 sheet – 2 film labels per sheet (199.6×143.5mm)
  • A4 sheet – 4 film labels per sheet (139×99.1mm).


  • A4 sheet – 2 film labels per sheet (199.6×143.5mm)
  • A4 sheet – 4 film labels per sheet (139×99.1mm)
  • A4 sheet – 63 mixed size circular film stickers per sheet (3.5mm dia, 2.5mm dia, 1.5mm dia)
  • A4 sheet – 68 mixed size square film stickers per sheet (3x3mm, 2x2mm, 1.5×1.5mm).

How these products can help support new ways of working in response to COVID-19

Antimicrobial film labels are proven to help the fight against spreading bacteria. These transparent, self-adhesive antimicrobial film kills 99.9% of bacteria and microbes, and are effective against viruses*. The labels cover a range of surfaces including touchscreens, desks, devices, doors, files, trolley handles, and more.

The label provides 24/7 protection and lasts up to 5 years. They will still be effective even when wiped with cleaning chemicals.

*Viruses (ISO 21702) Influenza A, and Human Coronavirus NL63.

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These products and more are offered on a direct purchase agreement. Please contact our Office Solutions team quoting reference number NWOW-OS along with your specific requirements.