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New Ways of Working

Virus Screens

Free standing screens and desk partitions help stop the spread of airborne germs, protecting staff and visitors.

Virus Screens - Virus Protection Screens For A Variety Of Settings

Product features:
  • Barrier for airborne germs
  • Clear to allow visibility
  • Desk screens are space saving
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Front desk screens are sturdy and neat looking.

We can supply a range of acrylic virus protection screens including:

  • Desk partition screens
  • Floor standing acrylic screens
  • Front desk screens
  • Mobile acrylic screens.

How these products can help support new ways of working in response to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, it has become increasing important to protect ourselves, colleagues, patients and customers.

Acrylic screens can be used in various setting to help stop the spread of airborne germs.

Desk screens can be used to allow colleagues to work side by side and be protected. The desk screen range is transparent, so personal face to face contact is maintained while personal protection is maximised.

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These products and more are offered on a direct purchase agreement. Please contact our Office Solutions team quoting reference number NWOW-OS along with your specific requirements.