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Leasing Solutions

We are pleased to announce the renewal of our Leasing Solutions Framework which now runs until 2018. The framework boasts 11 independent lessors specialising in the healthcare market.  All lessors have been commercially evaluated and selected for inclusion.

Reasons to choose Leasing:

  • Leasing Solutions provides a compliant framework with no contractual obligation or retainer fee required to access the Leasing Framework.
  • Simple and transparent arrangement fee structure which is capped to ensure it is competitive that trusts are able to use  regardless of the ‘route to purchase’ the equipment.
  • You remain in control of the award decision supported by NHS Supply Chain. 
  • We work alongside the Equipment Buyers, Account Managers and Capital Planning teams to ensure the best possible service is delivered.
  • Full support is provided throughout the leasing quotation and award stages, you will receive a lease portfolio report ensuring control of all up and coming expirations.
  • Lease expiration options are managed by you regardless of the route being taken (equipment return / equipment replacement / lease extension).

Obtaining a leasing quotation:

Once your requirements are refined in terms of equipment specification and value, we can then perform a lease quotation exercise on your behalf.  

Quotes / Indicative pricing:

  • Indicative pricing is available initially based upon monthly updated lease rates or tailored indicative costs from past similar projects. 3, 5 or 7 year alternatives are provided for both quarterly and annual payment profile options for review.
  • If you decide to pursue a full lease tender then we will issue a one page lease questionnaire along with supporting instructions.


  • Indicative pricing – 24 to 48 hours.
  • Full lease tender - 5, 7, or 10 working day tender cycles, depending on the complexity of the lease project and timescales highlighted by you.

What information would you need to provide for:

  • Indicative pricing – Capital quotation and specification.
  • Full lease tender – Final Capital quotation and equipment specification plus a fully completed (one page) lease questionnaire.

For more information please contact us:

  • CRACOE Medical Equipment (Clinical Radiology and Clinical Oncology Equipment)
  • Non-CRACOE Medical Equipment
  • Decontamination and Sterilisation Equipment
  • Laboratory and Pathology Equipment
  • Ward, Domestic and Estates
  • IT Devices
  • ABN Amro Lease N.V.
  • Academy Leasing Limited
  • CHG-Meridian UK Limited
  • Triple Point Lease Partners 
  • CSI Leasing UK Limited
  • De Lage Landen Leasing Limited
  • GE Capital Equipment Finance Limited
  • Richard C. Bircher (Holdings) Limited
  • Shawbrook Bank Limited
  • Siemens Financial Services Limited
  • Solutions Asset Finance Limited
  • Vanguard Healthcare Solutions Limited
Key Benefits
  • Competitive arrangement fee structure.
  • No requirement to contractually commit to the service.
  • No retainer fee is required to use NHS Supply Chain for Leasing and the framework can be accessed on a project by project basis.
  • Dedicated team.
  • Access to several organisations including the market leaders in Leasing.
  • Revised Master Lease Agreement designed with and on behalf of the NHS.
Key Information



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  • Launch Date06/01/2014
  • Expiry Date31/08/2018
  • Supply RouteDirect |
  • Areas CoveredLarge Diagnostic Capital Equipment |
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