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  • Cleaning Supplies Equipment & Associated Products - Scouring Pads (Lot 13)

Contract Information

Cleaning Supplies Equipment & Associated Products - Scouring Pads (Lot 13)


The new framework for Cleaning Supplies Equipment and Associated Products went live on 1 September 2017, however the changes detailed below become effective, for the Scouring Pads Lot, from 1 April 2018. The new framework will run until 29 February 2020 with an option to extend for an additional 24 months.

Please Note:
The Cleaning Supplies Equipment and Associated Products framework brought together a number of smaller frameworks (Previously Personal Care and Patient Hygiene Accessories, Disposable Wipes Cleaning Cloths and Associated Products, Pharmacy Bulk (non-skin), Domestic and Higher Level Cleaning Chemicals and Floor Pads and Scourers). Therefore, there have been separate launch dates to bring this all together with a final aim of one overall expiry date.

The following information relates to Scouring Pads only, which will go live on 1 April 2018.

Areas covered

  • Lot 13 - Scouring Pads 


  • Charles Bentley & Sons Ltd


  • Some of the alternative lines offer potential savings, due to a cheaper alternative from the new supplier.

* Please note all details and figures are subject to change and final versions will be communicated to you at a later date.

There are three delisted lines on this Lot, with three alternatives available which covers all NPC codes. There will be a change in the unit of issue on two NPC codes.

  • MLC055 (scouring pad - green, 230mm x 150mm x 6mm, 720gsm) will remain in a pack of ten, the new code will be MLC362.
  • MLC073 (sponge scouring pad - cellulose sponge, 140mm x 115mm x 40mm 600gsm, beige) increase in pack size from one to five. The new code will be MLC363.
  • MLC074 (sponge pad - green, 115mm x 150mm x 8mm, 720gsm) will decrease in pack size from 20 to 10. The new code will be MLC361.

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  • Charles Bentley & Sons Ltd

Product Listing

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Key Benefits
  • Leading suppliers on contract - Providing enhanced range and value from a single source.

More savings

  • Pay less - With NHS Supply Chain you have a wider range of product options so you can select the ones that are fit-for-purpose and value-for-money.
  • Leave your tendering to us - Spend less time and money on tendering and let our procurement specialists undertake it on your behalf.
  • Back office savings - The efficiencies of our service, ranging from e-ordering to consolidated deliveries, enable significant back office savings.

More value

  • An integrated approach - The financial benefits of NHS Supply Chain go beyond just product prices. Our approach is an integrated one that reduces cost throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to global logistics, resulting in a much lower total cost.
  • Purchasing through our route - When there are changes in the market, we can help minimise the impact of price rises and give support with cost-saving initiatives.

Our knowledge and expertise

  • Dedicated Account Managers - Your day to day contact for all queries. They will help you identify savings opportunities, solve any issues on your behalf and ensure high service levels are always met.
  • NHS Supply Chain Buyers - Procurement specialists in their product fields who can give expert advice on new and alternative products.
  • Implementation Team - Experts in helping you set up the new processes and training required when introducing new products.
  • Customer Services Team - With the daily support provided by our dedicated and knowledgeable advisors and service managers you know you are in safe hands.
  • Consultation Groups - We consult with our Consultation Groups and other relevant parties drawn from the NHS, so that we can be sure the products we are providing are fit for purpose in every way.

Peace of mind

  • Dependable deliveries - Having access to the know-how and resources of one of the world’s largest logistics companies means we can offer unrivalled dependability and responsiveness when it comes to our delivery services.
  • Framework agreement - awarded in accordance with European procurement legislation.
  • Sustainable development - We are certified to ISO 140001 International Standard for Environment Management System.
  • Sustainable procurement - We are working to reduce our carbon emissions by 15%.

NHS Supply Chain is operated by DHL and acts as an agent of the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) in its procurement.

Key Information



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  • Launch Date02/04/2018
  • Expiry Date29/02/2020
  • Supply RouteStocked |
  • Areas CoveredHotel Services |
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