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  • Contract Information Page - Office Solutions (Lots 2 - 7)

Contract Information

Contract Information Page - Office Solutions (Lots 2 - 7)

The following information gives an overview of the new Office Supplies and Solutions contract, and how any potential changes may affect you. The contract is split into two different category areas, Paper and Copier Card (Lot 1) has been launched separately.

The below covers lots 2-7 covers only, the full product list can be found below.

Information will be updated on a regular basis and is subject to change, so please ensure you check this page regularly. For any further information please contact your Account Manager.


  • As Office Depot will no longer be on this framework, there will be delisted lines that can be found in the discontinued lines matrix below.
  • There have been 2,716 lines delisted on Lots 2-7, all but one NPC with small usage are from Office Depot. However, we have a number of suppliers able to provide alternatives to these products.

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Lot 2- 7
  • ACS Business Supplies Ltd.
  • Antalis McNaughton Ltd
  • Armor UK
  • Banner Group
  • Blake
  • CDM Labels Ltd
  • Complete IT Systems
  • Elliot Baxter
  • Halcyon Computer Supplies Ltd
  • Labels Direct Ltd
  • Linear AV LTD
  • Lyreco UK
  • Mercury supply Chain Solutions Ltd
  • OfficeXpress Europe Limited
  • Peak Envelopes
  • Premier Paper Group Ltd
  • Sato UK Ltd
  • Thomas Stoner Supplies Ltd
  • UK Laser Supplies Ltd
  • XMA Limited
Please note that Office Depot did not enter into the tender process for this new contract, therefore no products will be available from this supplier. However Banner will be able to supply all of these alternative products.

General Stationery
  • Includes stationery Core Range. There have been no price changes on this range.
  • The wider General Stationery backlist will now be provided by three suppliers, Banner Group, Lyreco and Complete IT Systems.

Electronic Office Supplies (EOS) brands

  • This will be awarded under mini competition. NHS Supply Chain will retain the current codes for all products and therefore these will not change. 

Electronic Office Supplies (EOS) remanufactured products

  • We have ten suppliers on this lot all offering high quality specified remanufactured products. Price ranking sheets will be created and published to help our customers to identify the best priced product available.
  • Includes Stationery Core Range Envelopes. There have been no price changes on this range.
  •  Additional envelopes lines will be available from six awarded suppliers; Blake Envelopes, Peak Envelopes, Lyreco, Banner Group, Halcyon and Mercury Supply Chain solutions.
  • Includes standard A4 labels to be used with laser printers. This range will become part of the Stationery Core Range 
  • Incudes a wide variety of labels with scope to target new areas such as pathology labels, cryo labels, food labels, blood bag labels etc. NHS Supply Chain will work with the market to understand the specifications of products required by the NHS.
  • This is a new lot to the framework. It includes items such as TV’s, ipads, tablets, printers, cables and headsets.


Product Listing

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Key Information


  • Reference2013/S 064-107384
  • Launch Date01/08/2017
  • Expiry Date31/07/2019
  • Supply RouteDirect | Stocked | Blue Diamond | e-direct |
  • Areas CoveredOffice Solutions |

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