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  • Contract Information Update- Office Solutions (Lot 1)

Contract Information

Contract Information Update- Office Solutions (Lot 1)

The following information gives an overview of the new Office Supplies and Solutions contract, and how any potential changes may affect you. The contract is split into two different category areas, lot 1 covers paper and card and lots 2-7 covers all other products in the category area.

Information will be updated on a regular basis and is subject to change, so please ensure you check this page regularly. For any further information please contact your Account Manager.

On 18 August the Department of Health issued communications confirming that the Office Solutions Category Tower will be the first to go live in October. From an operational perspective, trusts already using the NHS Supply Chain catalogue will see no change in the range of products and services on day one. It is anticipated there will be a phased approach to any changes and each trust will be contacted with more information as these roll out. A copy of this communication can be found here 

Lot 1

  • Premier Paper (Paper Merchant)
  • Antalis (Paper Merchant)
  • Elliot Baxter (Paper Merchant)
  • Lyreco (Office Product distributor)
  • Complete IT (Office Product distributor)

Paper and card

  • There are no delisted lines on this new contract; additionally 50 new product lines have been added.
  • There is an overall net price increase nationally of £150k across all of the paper and card products, however cost saving initiatives are to be put in place and will be available by October, to offset these price increases in the following ways:
        Product codes WHO120 and WHO119 will have fixed pricing until December 2017, these will then be transferred to the Nationally Contracted Products programme (NCP) for 12 months to make further savings.

        Price Ranking sheets compiled by NHS Supply Chain and the supplier will be available and Compare and Save will be undertaken on other lines to ensure our customers are able to purchase the best price products and mitigate cost pressures.

    Key Information



    • Reference2013/S 064-107384
    • Launch Date01/08/2017
    • Expiry Date31/07/2019
    • Supply RouteDirect | Stocked | Blue Diamond | e-direct |
    • Areas CoveredOffice Solutions |
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