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Intravenous Cannula and Associated Products

IV Cannula are used to deliver drugs to patients at the point of care.  Historically the NHS market was predominantly using the standard cannulae, since the introduction of the European Legislation for Safety there has been a real increase in the utilisation of safer devices and cannulation packs.  Cannulation packs, hold a range of other beneficial products as well as the cannulae (dressings, swabs, alcohol wipes, sterile field and document labels) that are needed as part of the cannulation procedure.  We are able to offer specific bespoke packs as well as the general packs for use by any trust.   

The Intravenous Cannula and Associated Products framework agreement offers both a wide range of suppliers and products covering all clinical applications and technologies. Including:

  • Accessories
  • Cannula (including arterial, straight and straight with wings)
  • Cannulation Packs
  • Infusion Sets
  • Safety Cannula (including ported, straight, straight with wings, straight with Y adaptor)
  • Safety Cannulation Packs
  • Safety Infusion Sets
  • Sub Cutaneous Cannula 
  • Safety Sub Cutaneous Cannula.

The offering is flexible and incorporates new technologies and brand choice including both ‘standard’ and ‘safety’ product offerings in line with the EU Safer Sharps legislation. 

Many of the products available via the stock route are now available in a lower unit of issue allowing you to manage these products across a wide range of users and departments within your trust.

New to the framework:

We now have 3 new suppliers and 57 new products that have been introduced as part of the renewal exercise and will be available from the launch date of the new framework agreement.

The majority of these new products are as a result of introducing new suppliers to the framework agreement and also as a result of existing suppliers extending their range of products. We have seen the introduction of more safety products and also the addition of safety Sub Cutaneous Cannula.

The newest ‘technological’ advances have been the introduction of safety products, however this framework agreement captures numerous safety products within the product listing and therefore no further technological advances are expected throughout the duration of the new agreement. However, there is the ability to add more new products as and when required and this approach will continue for the entire duration of the 4 year framework agreement.

For further information please contact your NHS Supply Chain Account Manager.

Universal Hospital Supplies (Shermond) will no longer be listed on the framework agreement.  Please see our delist information for alternative offerings.

PLEASE NOTE:  Product No: FSB709 will be available while residual stocks last.

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  • Applied Medical Technology Ltd  
  • B Braun Medical Ltd   
  • Becton Dickinson UK Ltd   
  • Fannin UK Ltd    
  • Hospira UK Ltd
  • IMS Euro Ltd           NEW
  • Scrubs Etc Ltd         NEW
  • Sentra Medical Ltd   NEW
  • Smiths Medical International Ltd   
  • Terumo UK Ltd    
  • Unomedical    
  • Vygon UK Ltd    
  • Accessories
  • Cannula (including arterial, straight and straight with wings)
  • Cannulation Pack
  • Infusion Set
  • Safety Cannula (including ported, straight, straight with wings, straight with Y adaptor)
  • Safety Cannulation Pack
  • Safety Infusion Set
  • Sub Cutaneous Cannula
  • Safety Sub Cutaneous Cannula
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Key Benefits
  • Leading suppliers on contract - Providing enhanced range and value from a single source.
  • Batch tracking - Providing product traceability.

Transactional reporting

  • Helping your trust to maximise continued and sustainable category savings and improvements. You can view current and historical purchasing data by product code level, requisition point and e-class level; to help monitor usage, spend trends and forecasting. Reports can be exported into excel format for ease of use.
  • Deliveries picked and packed to requisition point - Saving you valuable time distributing items throughout your trust.
  • Materials management - Our eDC system is available to help manage your store room stock levels and automate replenishment.

More savings

  • Pay less - With NHS Supply Chain you have a wider range of product options so you can select the ones that are fit-for-purpose and value-for-money.
  • Leave your tendering to us - Spend less time and money on tendering and let our procurement specialists undertake it on your behalf.
  • Back office savings - The efficiencies of our service, ranging from e-ordering to consolidated deliveries, enable significant back office savings.

More choice

  • Choice of brands from a single source - Providing you with one of the UK’s widest choice of healthcare product and brands from a single source, reducing your trust admin - helping you save time and money.

More value

  • Economies of scale - Biggest does not always mean best, but in the case of NHS Supply Chain having a national operation with seven distribution centres means we can offer the service and purchasing power that local NHS trusts deserve.
  • An integrated approach - The financial benefits of NHS Supply Chain go beyond just product prices. Our approach is an integrated one that reduces cost throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to global logistics, resulting in a much lower total cost.
  • Purchasing through our route - When there are changes in the market, we can help minimise the impact of price rises and give support with cost-saving initiatives.

*Ordering direct from suppliers can cost between 46-300% more than when ordering via our eDC ordering system.

Our knowledge and expertise

  • Dedicated Account Managers - Your day to day contact for all queries. They will help you identify savings opportunities, solve any issues on your behalf and ensure high service levels are always met.
  • Clinical Nurse Advisors - Our team of trained Clinical Nurse Advisors are available to support you and your trust.
  • Healthcare Services Team - The Healthcare Services team develop the future strategies for the Acute and Community market sectors,
    ensuring the right services and support are in place to meet your needs.
  • NHS Supply Chain Buyers - Procurement specialists in their product fields who can give expert advice on new and alternative products.
  • Implementation Team - Experts in helping you set up the new processes and training required when introducing new products.
  • Customer Services Team - With the daily support provided by our dedicated and knowledgeable advisors and service managers you know you are in safe hands.
  • Consultation Groups - We consult with our Consultation Groups and other relevant parties drawn from the NHS, so that we can be sure the products we are providing are fit for purpose in every way.

Peace of mind

  • Dependable deliveries- Having access to the know-how and resources of one of the world’s largest logistics companies means we can offer unrivalled dependability and responsiveness when it comes to our delivery services.
  • Public Contracts Regulations 2006 - The Framework Agreement has been procured in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2006.
  • Data safety sheets - Full documentation for safety is easily accessed through our online catalogue.
  • Sustainable development - We are certified to ISO 140001 International Standard for Environment Management System.
  • Sustainable procurement - We are working to reduce our carbon emissions by 15%.

NHS Supply Chain is operated by DHL and acts as an agent of the NHS Business Services Authority (BSA) in its procurement.


Key Information



  • Reference2014/S 183-322521
  • Launch Date01/04/2015
  • Expiry Date31/03/2019
  • Supply RouteStocked | Blue Diamond | e-direct |
  • Areas CoveredWard Based Consumables |
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