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Contract Information

Syringes, Needles and Associated Products


This framework starts on 3 January 2017, runs for 48 months and ends on 2 January 2021.

This new framework sees the following product areas merge together; syringes, needles and associated products, epidural / spinal products and kits, regional anaesthesia packs and accessories. These products are used across numerous departments in hospital trusts and wider healthcare settings.

The European Legislation for Safety launched in 2013 and there are a large number of safety products listed on the framework agreement. The framework is flexible enough to include new technologies and it is anticipated that as more trusts switch to safety products, sales of ‘conventional’ products will start to decrease and will ultimately be discontinued where appropriate. You are also supported in the transition to Safer Sharps due to an extensive range of both conventional and safer products. However, it is a requirement that trusts receive full training on the safety products they use, prior to purchase. 


Product Categories

  • Accessories
  • Needles
  • Needle and Syringes
  • Safety Needles
  • Safety Needle and Syringes
  • Syringes
  • Epidural / Spinal Products
  • NRFIT Epidural / Spinal Products.


  • Aquilant Ltd
  • B Braun Medical
  • Becton Dickinson UK Ltd
  • Blink Medical
  • Blue Box Medical
  • Cambridge Sensors Ltd
  • Fannin UK Ltd
  • GBUK Enteral Ltd
  • Griffiths & Nielsen
  • Henleys Medical Supplies Ltd
  • Henry Schein Medical
  • IMS Euro
  • Inomed Health Ltd
  • Intervene
  • Kimal PLC
  • Mana-Tech Ltd
  • Matz Medical Ltd
  • Medicare Colgate Ltd
  • Medicina Ltd
  • Medicure Scientific Ltd
  • Medtronic Ltd (previously Covidien)
  • Mermaid Medical Ltd
  • Owen Mumford Ltd
  • Pajunk UK Medical Products Ltd
  • Pennine Healthcare
  • Rocket Medical PLC
  • Sarstedt Ltd
  • Sprint Moto
  • Smiths Medical International Ltd
  • Sol-Millennium Medical UK
  • Teleflex Medical
  • Terumo UK Ltd
  • UK Medical
  • Unisurge International Ltd
  • Vygon UK Ltd
  • Ypsomed Ltd.

Product Listing

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Key Benefits

Opportunities to save

  • Save by spending less time ordering - Simple online ordering, reduced administration time consolidated invoicing direct to your accounts department
  • Save time and money - No need to go through your own tender process
  • Achieve your savings targets - We can help you lower operational costs
  • End to end electronic capability - Helping you reduce purchasing costs

Specialist Knowledge and Support

  • Account Management - To help you identify savings opportunities for your trust
  • Procurement - With specific experiences and expertise within your specialist areas, helping enhance your product range, choice and value
  • Clinical Nurse Advisors - Are on hand to independently help you set up and run product evaluations and clinical trials
  • Customer Service - Dedicated teams of professionals providing a rapid response to all your queries
  • Implementation Teams - To help with bespoke implementation programmes, systems training and coordinate ordering system interface and set up delivery locations or requisition points
  • Same level of support  - Provided by suppliers when purchasing via our framework as when dealing direct        

Peace of mind

  • Reliable - Dependable deliveries and response service
  • Framework Agreement awarded in accordance with European Procurement Legislation
  • Sustainable Development - NHS Supply Chain recognise the importance of sustainable development in creating a better quality of life, both now and for future generations
  • ISO 140001 Certificated - International Standard for Environment Management System

For further information please contact your NHS Supply Chain Account Manager

Key Information



  • Reference
  • Launch Date03/01/2017
  • Expiry Date02/01/2021
  • Supply RouteStocked | Blue Diamond | e-direct |
  • Areas CoveredWard Based Consumables |
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