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CellPath VFM Slides and Coverslips


ICN number:119

  • Date:05/07/2017
  • Product area:


  • CellPath Ltd has issued an urgent field safety notice following a reported incident of a rise in crystals being reported in joint fluid.
  • Further investigation revealed that there appeared to be strongly negatively birefringent debris that can sometimes resemble crystals in the current batch of slides / coverslips being used.


  • Some patient samples originally thought to have monosodium urate crystals present were found to be negative on review. These ‘pseudo-crystals were visible when just examining saline and reduced if the slide and coverslip were pre-washed in alcohol.
  • These products are available via NHS Supply Chain as NPC  KTH002 mpc SAH-2222-03 and KTH110 mpc MAE-1000-03P

Next Steps:

  • Log onto NHS Supply Chain’s website and click on the link below to read and follow the instructions in CellPath’s Field Safety Notice.
  • Notably advise all users of the VFM range of slides and coverslips that: these are designed for routine use in preparation of histology and cytology specimens and must be thoroughly cleaned before being used for polarisation / fluorescence microscopy.
  • It is industry practice to use glass debris in the manufacture of slides and coverslips.
  • Confirm urgently to CellPath by email to that you have received and understood this FSN.
  • Any further questions, please contact your local NHS Supply Chain Customer Service Advisor.




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