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Resolved: Teleflex Medical Blue Diamond Products

Ref: 2019/505 | Date: 19/02/2019

All of the 1191 affected Blue Diamond Product codes are now available to order through our online catalogue.

Resolved: Medela Uk Ltd Baby Feeding Accessories.

Ref: 2019/582 | Date: 18/02/2019

FFK027, FKQ037, FKQ115 are now available to order.

Resolved: Smith & Nephew Healthcare Ltd Opsite Sprays ELY031 and ELY034

Ref: 2019/524 | Date: 18/02/2019

ELY031 and ELY034 are now available to order through our online catalogue.

Update: BVI Ophthalmic Products

Ref: 2019/569 | Date: 18/02/2019

FSP10917, IVZ462 , FSP10968, FSP10751, IVC973 and FSP10768 are now available to order again.

Pricing Update: Cambridge Sensors Safety Finger Lancets FTM484 and FTM489.

Ref: 2019/600 | Date: 18/02/2019

The supplier Cambridge Sensors has informed us of a price reduction with its safety finger lancets.

Temporary Supply Issues: HPC Healthline UK Ltd Handsafe Examination Nitrile Gloves

Ref: 2019/601 | Date: 18/02/2019

FTG202, FTG203, and FTG204 are currently unavailable to order.

Delisting: Clinisupplies Absorbable and Non-Absorbable Surgical Sutures.

Ref: 2019/606 | Date: 18/02/2019

The supplier Clinisupplies has informed us it’s discontinuing three products in its Surgical Sutures range.

Resolved: Clinisupplies/Q-Close Surgical Sutures

Ref: 2019/424 | Date: 18/02/2019

Clinnisupplies/Q-Close has advised that this ongoing supply issue has resulted in the affected products being discontinued.

Temporary Supply Issues: Pelican Feminine Healthcare Ltd Pro Wall Vaginal Speculums

Ref: 2019/605 | Date: 15/02/2019

The supplier Pelican Feminine Healthcare Ltd has informed us of a temporary supply issue with two of its Pro Wall Vaginal Speculums

Pricing Update: Office Supplies Stocked Envelopes

Ref: 2019/603 | Date: 15/02/2019

NHS Supply Chain have made changes to the supplier for the range of core range stocked envelopes.

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