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Update: Teleflex Medical Blue Diamond Products

Ref: 2018/505 | Date: 21/12/2018

All Teleflex Medical Blue Diamond products have an extended lead time of 5 days.

Update: Brushing for Life Packs

Ref: 2018/541 | Date: 21/12/2018

All JD Marketing Brushing for Life packs have been recalled.

Field Safety Notice: Halyard Health Maxter Entral Side Load Clamp Tubes EMEA 2018 014

Ref: 2018/571 | Date: 21/12/2018

Halyard Health UK Limited has issued a Field Safety Notice regarding its Maxter Entral Side Load Clamp Tubes.

Update: NCP Surgical Theatre Gowns – Standard Gowns VJD4371, VJD4372, and VJD4373

Ref: 2018/471 | Date: 21/12/2018

Surgical Theatre Gowns VJD4371, VJD4372, and VJD4373, hand towel review.

Supply Issues: B Braun Medical Ltd Draina S Wound Manager Products

Ref: 2018/557 | Date: 21/12/2018

Six Draina S Wound Manager products are currently unavailable to order.

Temporary Supply Issues: GAMA Healthcare Ltd Spill Wipes VJT268

Ref: 2018/564 | Date: 21/12/2018

VJT268 is currently unavailable to order.

Update: Altomed Ophthalmic Products

Ref: 2018/532 | Date: 21/12/2018

Fourteen Altomed ophthalmic products are currently unavailable to order.

Resolved: Vyaire Medical Ltd Recording Paper FDI152

Ref: 2018/481 | Date: 21/12/2018

FDI152 is now available to order.

Delisting: Unisurge Bandage Stockinettes

Ref: 2018/548 | Date: 21/12/2018

EVN146, EVN147, and EVN148 will be delisted and are available while stocks last.

Resolved: Teleflex Medical Double Lumen CVC Set FSQ1696

Ref: 2018/495 | Date: 21/12/2018

FSQ1696 is now available to order.

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