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Product Update: Medi-Inn Ltd NCP Basic Fixation Pants.

Ref: 2019/591 | Date: 04/02/2019

The NCP Basic Fixation Pants supplier, Medi-Inn Ltd has informed us of product improvement changes to their range of Basic Fixation pants.

Update: NCP Blunt Fill Drawing Up Devices Renewal

Ref: 2018/453 | Date: 04/02/2019

The launch of this NCP Lot 2 will be delayed.

Resolved: Medical Pulp Update

Ref: 2019/310 | Date: 01/02/2019

The five previously affected products are now available to order:

Resolved: Eximex Specimen Bags

Ref: 2019/403 | Date: 01/02/2019

Eximex UK Ltd has informed us that this supply issue is now resolved.

Update: Rocialle Blue Diamond Products

Ref: 2019/545 | Date: 01/02/2019

196 Blue Diamond product codes are still experiencing some service issues.

Temporary Supply Issues: Vyaire Medical Products Ltd Foetal Scalp Leg Plate Adapter FDK757.

Ref: 2019/589 | Date: 01/02/2019

Vyaire Medical Products Ltd has informed us of a temporary supply issue with its Foetal Scalp Leg Plate Adapter, with disposable attachment pad to use with cormetric monitors, FDK757.

Update: Pelican Feminine Healthcare PELjelly Sachets FGR090

Ref: 2019/469 | Date: 31/01/2019

The supplier Pelican Feminine Healthcare has informed us that FGR090 is still out of stock and won’t be available to order until 15 March 2019.

Update: Medtronic Ltd Surgical Suture Products

Ref: 2019/556 | Date: 31/01/2019

A further product code has become affected by this supply issue , FVQ325.

Resolved: Ivory & Ledoux Ltd Canned Fruit AHQ525

Ref: 2018/542 | Date: 30/01/2019

AHQ525, Canned Fruit, is now available to order.

Temporary Supply Issues: Oakmed Ltd Wound Managers, Ileostomy and Urostomy Pouch Products

Ref: 2019/588 | Date: 30/01/2019

12 product codes affected by Oakmeds Temporary Supply Issue.

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