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Delisting: Smiths Medical International - Administration Set FSB034

Ref: 2018/307 | Date: 30/07/2018

Smiths Medical International has informed us that FSB034 is now discontinued.

Resolved: 368 Baxter Healthcare Limited Solution Pump and Gravity Set FSB1246

Ref: 2018/368 | Date: 30/07/2018

The supplier Baxter Healthcare Limited has informed us that the supply issue is now resolved.

Temporary Supply Issues: Vital Care Safety Finger Lancet FTM469

Ref: 2018/422 | Date: 30/07/2018

The supplier Vital Care has informed us of a temporary supply issue to FTM469.

Delisting: Warwick Sasco Ltd Medical Holloware

Ref: 2018/415 | Date: 25/07/2018

Warwick Sasco Ltd Medical Holloware products are being delisted.

NCP Launch: NCP Copier Paper

Ref: 2018/413 | Date: 24/07/2018

These NCP products will launch on 1 August 2018.

Update: Povitulle Iodine Dressings

Ref: 2018/291 | Date: 23/07/2018

The supplier has an update on the supply issue affecting ELZ792 and ELZ793.

Temporary Supply Issues: Molnlycke Ltd Skin Disinfectant BIOCIDE Body Wash MRB475

Ref: 2018/421 | Date: 23/07/2018

The supplier Molnlycke Ltd has informed us of a temporary supply issue with their product MRB475.

Pricing Update: Essity Couch Roll MRT359

Ref: 2018/407 | Date: 23/07/2018

There will be a price increase on Essity's MRT359 couch roll.

Delisting: Synergy Healthcare (UK) Ltd Medical Swabs

Ref: 2018/410 | Date: 23/07/2018

All Synergy Healthcare (UK) Ltd Medical Swabs on the General Wound Care framework will be delisted.

Delisting: PDI Wipe VJT061

Ref: 2018/427 | Date: 23/07/2018

PDI have informed us that the Wipe VJT061 will be discontinued.

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