Savings Opportunities

Savings Opportunities

HULBERT Dental ICT CS7600 Dental Imaging


  • Start date:01/08/2016
  • End date: While stock lasts

9% discount on Hospital PACS/RIS integrated Carestream CR Intra-Oral scanner

A complete package for PACS/RIS integrated Carestream CS7600 Intra-Oral CR scanner, to include:

  • 4x 'Size 2' (Bitewing) plates and associated sleeves
  • Acquisition PC with RAID redundancy data storage
  • Allowance provided for additional plates and sleeves
  • Carestream CS7600 Intra-Oral palte scanner
  • Delivery to site
  • First year support
  • Installation to prepared software license
  • Integration with Hospital Archive
  • Integration with Radiological Information System
  • Operational Accessories
  • PACS/RIS integration software licence
  • Team training.

This offer is over and above the standard discount available through the NHS Supply Chain framework agreement. The discount is available while stocks last.

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