Savings Opportunities

Savings Opportunities

MIS GC70,GC80W,GC80WW and GC85


  • Start date:01/06/2017
  • End date: While stock lasts

Save up to an additional 12% on the Samsung GC70, GC80W,GC80WW or GC85

Increased productivity throughout
Serve more patients with comfort and convenience using Smart Control, which offers one touch positioning. Gain flexibility and ease of use with a shared bucky.

Diagnostic confidence
Rely on GC85A to capture precise, clear images that result in accurate diagnoses with wireless S-Detector™ and S-Align™. Gain excellent image quality with S-Vue™’s reliably clear images, enhanced sharpness and clarity.

Soft Handling™
The Tube Head Unit (THU) can be moved into position gently with only a small amount of physical pressure from two fingers, so the operator avoids becoming fatigued from pulling the unit

S-Align™ provides precise alignment for superior imaging. S-Align™ displays the detector’s angle to the THU to enhance image quality during free exams. When the THU and detector are within a certain radius, the angle can be automatically fitted.

Wireless, lightweight S-Detector™ with high DQE and a portable grid displays the patient’s body structure clearly and easily without increasing dose. Three available S-Detector™ sizes support imaging of various areas

This offer is over and above the standard discount available through the NHS Supply Chain framework agreement. The discount is available from the 01/06/2017 to 30/04/2018 or while stocks last.

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