Savings Opportunities

Savings Opportunities

Xograph DR M1 Mobile X-Ray


  • Start date:02/01/2018
  • End date:31/03/2018

Save 10% on the Mobile DR M1 motorised digital radiography unit

The Mobile DR M1 represents the leading edge of mobile X-ray unit technology and design including the following:

  • Designed from experience: Compact, light, user-customisable, efficient, sleek, powerful and economic to own.
  • Drivability: Smooth motorised drive for effortless movements and unobstructed forward view.
  • Manual Handling: User-adjustable drive handle position, horizontal detector storage, motorised tube height and lightweight Canon wireless DR detector(s).
  • Infection Control: Wipe clean glossy, smooth panels and surfaces.
  • Advanced Lithium Battery: X-Tech Cell® provides unrivalled and consistent generator performance across every charge cycle, every day for the full working life of your mobile* Super fast 90 minutes charge time from empty to full.
  • Superboost: Just 10 minutes of charge (for when you just can’t wait) provides one hour of use.
  • Cost-effective battery management no need to change the battery at designated service intervals, reduces PPM downtime,annual service costs, packaging, handling and transport costs; reduces environmental impact and costs associated with the safedisposal of conventional lead-acid batteries.
  • This Mobile DR M1 promotion includes:

    • 10% saving on the current NHS Supply Chain list price
    • Free X-ray generator upgrade from 20 kW to 32 kW
    • Option to upgrade to Canon's CXDI-N10C series DR detectors
    • Option to add 'DR Shield' to protect your DR detector(s) against any eventuality*
    • Guaranteed delivery by 31st March 2018.

This offer is over and above the standard discount available through the NHS Supply Chain framework agreement. The discount is a fixed term offer. Offer available 02/01/2018 to 31/03/2018 or while stocks last.

For more information, please contact

David Parnell


07785 367852

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