Savings Opportunities

Savings Opportunities

GE SIGNA Explorer MRI Scanner


  • Start date:08/01/2018
  • End date: While stock lasts

Save an additional 6% on the GE SIGNA Explorer MRI scanner

SIGNA Explorer raises the bar in MR technology, with features including the breakthrough Silent Suite and remarkable 3D motion correction.

The advanced technologies of SIGNA Explorer help give you the power to explore new horizons in imaging. With features like SilentSuite and 3D motion correction, the system delivers exceptional image quality, enhanced patient comfort, and also helps improve workflow and simplify operations.

SIGNA Explorer is designed to be cost efficient during its full lifetime with energy-saving features, zero-helium boil-off technology and a smaller footprint meaning less space needed.

Key technologies enablers include:

  • Intuitive plug-and-play-like tools simplify access to its wide range of MR capabilities, to produce high-quality images
  • Express Suite coil design achieves outstanding coverage and signal penetration
  • Automatic coil selection helps enable quicker and more consistent exams
  • Motion correction techniques like PROPELLER help minimize the effects of motion artefacts, potentially reducing the need for rescans and the impact of patient movement on workflow
  • Volumetric imaging acquisitions like Cube replace cumbersome, slice-by-slice, plane-after-plane 2D acquisitions with a single 3D volume scan.

This offer is over and above the standard discount available through the NHS Supply Chain framework agreement and is available while stocks last.

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