Core Technology Refresh

NHS Supply Chain Service Improvements

Core Technology Refresh (CTR)

The Core Technology Refresh (CTR) project is a three year programme to replace the NHS Supply Chain’s core order and warehouse management systems.

The CTR will deliver:

  • A new Product Hub Database
  • A new Order Management Technology
  • A new Warehouse Management System.

We are implementing the new systems gradually for the duration of the programme, to minimise the impact to the current systems and support the technology transition. The customer facing systems will not change as a result of the CTR.

What are the long term customer benefits of the Core Technology Refresh?

  • Improved product data – helping you make a more informed choice when ordering
  • Enhanced visibility and tracking orders – greater visibility of tracking and delivery details
  • Improved inventory management – resulting in greater stock status accuracy.

Overall, the CTR will provide a more flexible IT platform leading to greater opportunity for innovation. It will be a foundation for the wider NHS Supply Chain technology transformation and service improvements to build upon.