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Revolution Evo - CT Scanners

Reference: 1230
Type: Capital Savings
Start Date: 19 May 2022
Expiry Date: 19 November 2022

Save 16.88% against the core specification on the Revolution Evo CT Scanner.

The Revolution Evo is GE’s Advanced CT system with 4cm detector. The Revolution Evo is optimised for general CT work, trauma, neuro and cardiac. ASIR-V for dose efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • Intuitive and established user console
  • ASIR-V iterative reconstruction which allows for low dose imaging whilst maintaining excellent image quality
  • Optimised for general, oncology, neuro and trauma CT procedures
  • Full clinical applications offered as standard
  • Full access to GE’s educational platform, GE Cares – an online community of Radiographers, Radiologists and industry professionals, offered as standard.

This offer is over and above the standard discount available through the NHS Supply Chain framework agreement. The discount is a fixed term offer. All orders must be placed before 19 November 2022.

For more information, please contact

Christopher Simpson