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SIGNA™ Explorer AIR™ 1.5T - MRI Scanner

Reference: 1219
Type: Capital Savings
Start Date: 1 April 2022
Expiry Date: 30 September 2022

Save 11.7% against the core specification of the SIGNA™ Explorer product S7523MR.

SIGNA™ Explorer system features a stable, short-bore, highly homogeneous superconducting 60cm 1.5T magnet. Compatible with cutting edge AI applications that can optimise image quality and reduce exam time like AIR™ Recon DL. Configurable with either fixed or detachable table.

Features and Benefits

Compatible with:

  • AIR™ Recon DL: Pioneering deep-learning convolutional neural network, applied to the raw scan data removing image noise and Gibbs ringing artefacts facilitating improved image quality and dramatically shorter scan times without loss of data fidelity.
  • AIRx™: AI based Automatic Slice Prescription replaces traditional atlas-based methods with deep learning algorithms to identify anatomical structures and prescribe slice locations for Neuro and Knee examinations. This revolutionary technology reduces scan set up time by 80%, reduces mouse clicks and improves patient to patient and longitudinal consistency.
  • Cutting edge applications such as HyperSense, HyperMavric, MUSE, Magic DWI, Propeller MB, Promo and Disco / Lava Star.
  • Unlimited access to GE’s educational platform, GE Cares – an online community.

This offer is over and above the standard discount available through the NHS Supply Chain framework agreement. The discount is a fixed term offer. All orders must be placed before 30 September 2022.

For more information, please contact

Martyna Golach