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Yellofins® Elite Stirrups with Lift-Assist™ - Operating Tables

Reference: 1300
Type: Capital Savings
Start Date: 18 January 2024
Expiry Date: 31 March 2024

Save 23% on a Yellofins® Elite stirrups package.

Hillrom™ (now a part of Baxter) is delighted to offer a discount on Yellofins® Elite with Lift-Assist™ package.

The Yellofins® Elite Stirrup represents the gold standard in lithotomy positioning. Yellofins® Elite Stirrups allow for easy adjustment of abduction and lithotomy while maintaining the sterile field. The boot is extended along its lateral side (referred to as a “lateral fin”) and is padded on the interior. The purpose of the fin is to cover and protect the head of the fibula and the peroneal nerve. The Yellofins® Elite Stirrup enables safe and easy positioning while providing enhanced surgical site access.

The offer includes:

  • One pair of Yellofins® Elite Stirrups with Lift-Assist™ (support up to 227kg)
  • One pair of reusable boot pads
  • Two easy lock clamps
  • One stirrup cart to easily and safely store the stirrups when not in use.

Features and Benefits

  • Boot Design: extended lateral fin is designed to cover and protect the head of the fibula and the peroneal nerve.
  • Floating Boot: self-adjusting boot minimises pressure on the calf when moving the stirrup.
  • Lift-Assist™ Technology: allows easy movement of the leg when placing it in the desired position.
  • Yellofins® Reusable Pad: completely encapsulates the foot, ankle and calf for comfortable and secure positioning.
  • Squeeze Grip Handle: provides easy intraoperative adjustment without compromising the sterile field. Simply release the handle to secure the leg holder in all directions.
  • Lithotomy Range: Yellofins® and Yellofins® Elite with Lift-Assist™ technology – set the stirrup in any position between +84° to –33° lithotomy.
  • Abduction Range: set the stirrup in any position between +25° to –9° abduction.
  • Lithotomy and length Indicators: visual indicators that help ensure precise positioning.

This offer is over and above the standard discount available through the NHS Supply Chain framework agreement. The discount is a fixed term offer. All orders must be placed before 31 March 2024.

For more information, please contact

Brandon Fuller

Commercial Graduate

Equinox House, Nottingham

0115 678 6529

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