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Super Absorbent Dressings

Reference: NCP28
Type: NCP
Start Date: 2 December 2019
Expiry Date: None

Nationally Contracted Products for Super Absorbent Dressings

Savings opportunities of up to 67% (£1.6 million)* will be available on Super Absorbent Dressings.

Please contact your Account Manager to find out what these new opportunities could mean for your trust.

* Anticipated annualised savings figures are calculated following conclusion of the award process and are based on national Core Banded pricing using the last 6 months volumes. The impact of margin removal due to the Central Funding model has not been taken into account. Please note these are subject to change after Trust Impact Statements are produced due to further pricing reconciliation. For further details please contact NHS Supply Chain.

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  • Product Listing NCP Super Absorbent Dressings

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  • NCP Customer Report - Super Absorbent Dressings