Existing Suppliers

Working in partnership with us

Each supplier that provides products into NHS Supply Chain has a separate and unique working relationship with us.

We aim to find an approach that meets your unique requirements.

This process relies on honest and open communication and recognition of the joint objectives to deliver efficiency and savings to the NHS.

When you become a supplier to NHS Supply Chain, you will be given a username and password to access Supplier Portal, an online system to support supplier management tasks such as:

  • viewing the stock position of your products
  • creating and running reports including customer demand and service levels
  • access to key NHS Supply Chain contacts
  • creating Advance shipment Notice (ASN) for the National Distribution Centre (NDC).
  • amending blue diamond and stock orders and confirmed e-Direct deliveries.

Open two-way communications

All suppliers receive a bi-monthly email newsletter which includes interesting articles, case studies and useful information and your buying team contact will support you with performance data.

If you are experiencing any interruption in your supply to NHS Supply Chain, the quicker we understand the nature of the supply issues, the earlier we can respond in the most appropriate manner. We define issues as “Chronic” (long term, major issue) or an “Event” (short term, one off supply issue).

Let your Supply Chain Team representative know how long the problem may last and we will work out how many of our customers are affected, and what actions we can jointly take to help mitigate the circumstances.

Working in a collaborative manner, we can mitigate chronic supply chain issues for our customers by working with suppliers to provide customer demand planning, product rationing and fast track availability of the supplier’s alternative products.

The Supply Chain Team can provide practical support around “Event” issues. By utilising our stock management system throughout our distribution network, tools such as strategic rationing, demand profiling, forecasting and by customer communications will ensure rapid solutions to supply issues.

Please contact your allocated Supply Chain Controller to see how we can work more effectively to support the NHS.

Procurement Calendar

Supplier Code of Conduct

All our procurement professionals are expected to adhere to the requirements of our Code of Conduct and uphold and enhance the standing of the purchasing and supply profession. Any breach to this code is considered a serious offence and will be dealt with according to our disciplinary policy.

Our code is based on the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply’s Professional Code of Ethics and covers:

  • Maintaining integrity in business relationships
  • Rejecting improper business practice
  • Declaring any potential personal or business conflicts of interest
  • Acquiring and maintaining latest standards of technical knowledge and ethical behaviour
  • Optimising the use of resources
  • Compliance with UK law, industry guidelines and contractual obligations
  • Fair, honest and respectable treatment of suppliers
  • Common courtesy at all times
  • Incorporating sustainable procurement aspects into procurement processes including human and employee rights and the environment.

Please view our Supplier Code of Conduct. If you have any queries please can you contact your NHS Supply Chain procurement representative directly or View full list of clinical and consumables contract and buyer details.


Delivering value to the NHS