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NHS Supply Chain Catalogue ‘Rich Data’

This the term that we give to additional content for products – typically images but also marketing materials, material safety data (COSHH) sheets and product information sheets. This additional content can be added to our website to enrich the customer purchasing experience and help with their decision making.

Improved product display information (especially images) is regularly requested by our customers and has been shown to increase sales.

Product images

Ideally each picture should have a minimum resolution (size) of 300×300 (pixels), a minimum DPI (quality) of 72, and they should be sent across in JPEG (files with .jpg extension, see below) format.

To enable a quicker upload to our website, all files should be saved as the NHS Supply Chain NPC order code only (no brands in the file name, MPCs or extra descriptive words – please see example below for NPC code MRB270).

Please note, where you have more than one image of a product, please use file names as follows:

  • First image – NPC code only – for example MRB270.jpg or MRB270.pdf
  • Second Image – NPC code followed by an underscore and the number one – for example MRB270_1.jpg
  • Third image – NPC code followed by an underscore and the number two – for example MRB270_2.jpg

Whilst a small number of files can be emailed to our designated email address, larger numbers can be posted to us on a USB memory stick at the following address:
Catalogue Images c/o Data Management,
NHS Supply Chain,
West Way,
Cotes Park Industrial Estate,
DE55 4QJ.

All other rich data (CoSHH datasheets, marketing material or technical information) must be in PDF format and must not contain hyperlinks (for example links to your own website). Any links included will be removed before any documents are uploaded to our website (and this may delay publication).

Summary of requirements for image files:

  • Image of NHS Supply Chain Unit of Issue (UOI) or individual item, whichever is appropriate.
  • Individual product rather than a range unless the items are clearly identifiable by product code or size.
  • Minimum resolution of 300×300 pixels.
  • Under 5MB in memory size per image (or 10MB per PDF).
  • Coloured image – RGB format only.
  • Preferably 300 DPI (dots per inch) with a minimum of 72 DPI.
  • Jpeg file format is preferable but Bitmap, Tif or Gif are accepted.
  • Filename should be the NPC code ONLY, or appended with an underscore and a single digit (as in above examples).

If you require a list of your products for which we do not have images, please contact us:

Catalogue Data Team