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Supplier Marketing Opportunities

Enhance your product listings

Did you know, you can maximise your presence in our online catalogue, free of charge?

Our Online Catalogue is continually updated with the latest product information and pricing, and with over 400 NHS trusts and healthcare organisations using it to browse, search and order products, adding "rich data" significantly enhances your product's chance of being seen by the customer.

The type of important additional data you can add includes:

  • Up to three product images per product
  • marketing material
  • material safety data (COSHH) sheets
  • product information sheets.

Uploaded onto our website, these enhanced catalogue entries assist the customer's purchasing decision making and have been shown to increase sales.

One supplier of rehabilitation products trialled the service by uploading product images to some of their catalogue entries. They have seen a marked increase in sales since uploading their product images and are now ensuring all their catalogue entries are supported by images.

To add your own additional data, here is a summary of requirements:

  • Image of NHS Supply Chain Unit of Issue (UOI) or individual item, whichever is appropriate
  • Individual product rather than a range unless the items are clearly identifiable by product code or size
  • Minimum resolution of 300 x 300 pixels
  • Under 5mb in size per image; 10mb per PDF
  • Coloured image – RGB format only
  • Preferably 300 DPI (Dots per inch) with a minimum of 72 DPI
  • Jpeg file format is preferable but Bitmap, Tif or Gif are accepted
  • Filename must be NPC code only.
  • All other rich data (CoSHH, brochures or technical info etc.) must be in PDF format and must not contain hyper-links (to your own website). Any such links may be removed before any documents are uploaded to the website.

If you require a list of your products for which we do not have images, please email or telephone the Catalogue Data team on 01773 724 142 or 01773 724 192.

To enable a speedier upload to our website, all documents should be saved as the NHS Supply Chain NPC order code only i.e. no brands, MPCs or description.

Whilst one or two documents can be emailed to our designated email address – – large numbers can be posted to us on a DVD, CD or memory stick at the following address: Catalogue Images, Data Management, NHS Supply Chain, West Way, Cotes Park Industrial Estate, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 4QJ. Alternatively, multiple images can be uploaded onto a secure FTP Site (details of which are available on request).

Click here to download a summary of how to add supplementary information to your product listings free of charge

Do you produce your own marketing materials?

By linking your own marketing collateral with advertising you place with us can help create a stronger, seamless campaign.

You can also reference that your products are available through our online catalogue in your own marketing communications. Please download and read our do's and don'ts of referring to us as there is some terminology that should not be used when referencing our promotion of your products.

Please note: We are an agent of the NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) and we are governed by the Department of Health. Under these regulations and governance, the NHS Supply Chain logo cannot be used in conjunction with other supplier brands or logos across any offline or online sale, marketing, PR materials (including social media).

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