Issue 17

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Welcome to Issue 17 of Your Supplier Newsletter

As suppliers, we appreciate the role you play within NHS procurement. The aim of this newsletter is to share information, tell you about any changes and developments and update you on how we continue to engage with the wider supplier community. Thank you for your continued support.

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Value Based Procurement (VBP) Report

A new report shares the VBP approach, outcomes and observations from the pilot study phase of this essential project.

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Featured Articles…

Highlighted news this month includes a consultation for healthcare professionals, ………

Portal for Sustainability Data

NHS Supply Chain is now using this portal to collate sustainability data about suppliers.

Webinars for Suppliers

This series of webinars has been restarted to share important information with you.

Steve Oldfield Letter

Important update on continuity of supply of medicines and medical products to the UK.

Recent Events…

More information from our website’s events section – these are updates or recordings from past events that you may have missed.

Virtual Conference for Orthopaedic Suppliers

Updates from NHS Supply Chain: Orthopaedics, Trauma and Spine, and Ophthalmology – including features on the use of the latest technology.

Supplier Engagement Conference

Also hosted virtually – detailed information presented by Ward Based Consumables and the Infection Control and Wound Care Categories,