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Welcome to Issue 20 of Your Supplier Newsletter

As suppliers, we appreciate the role you play within NHS procurement. The aim of this newsletter is to share information, tell you about any changes and developments and update you on how we continue to engage with the wider supplier community. Thank you for your continued support.

Changes to NHS Supply Chain: Food Procurement

The provider for this procurement category recently made some key changes to its in-house teams.

Award Winners at 2022 PSC Event

Earlier this month our food procurement team achieved recognition for their chef training programme.

Supporting the Introduction of New Tech and Innovation

Partnering with healthcare organisations to support these vital developments is always a priority.

Cyber Security Resilience and Continuity of Supply

Building knowledge of cyber security and improve its ability to respond to future cyber threats.

UK Plastic Packaging Tax Information Update

NHS Supply Chain is supporting the commitment to reducing single-use plastics within its supply chain.

Delivering a More Sustainable NHS

Ensuring that we maintain our crucial role in delivering a greener NHS that is both sustainable and resilient for the future.

60 Second Interview With Rachael Colley

Rachael Colley is our Category Tower Director for this procurement category of NHS Supply Chain.

Also in the News…

More articles from our website’s news section cover the innovative project updates, time saving solutions and clinical collaboration.

New innovative oncology software successfully piloted

Find out how nearly 50 specialist cancer centres have shared their expertise to speed up and improve diagnosis.

Collaborative Working Improves Theatres Inventory Management

Two new eDC Gold product management implementations at King’s Mill Hospital saving valuable time.

Why Supporting Clinically Led Collaborations in the NHS is Crucial

As featured in The Guardian newspaper, discover the rewards of collaborative working with clinicians leading the way.