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Our Range of Culinary Concept Recipes to Inspire NHS Chefs

Six concepts, 200 recipes, 12 months.

We have launched six delicious ranges of recipes for the NHS, between November 2020 and November 2021. Called the ‘culinary concepts’ We want to increase our support for catering teams in hospitals across the country by sharing recipes that offer healthy and innovative food options for staff and visitors.

Our experienced in-house culinary team have put each range of recipes together around a theme using insights from consumer trends and our work with the NHS. Each culinary concept is free and consists of approximately 25 recipes, apart from our plant-based range released in April 2021 which has approximately 40 recipes.

All of the recipes are mapped to our compliant ranges of products, making them easily accessible for your catering teams. 

Benefits of our Culinary Concepts.

  • Increased breadth of food choices for staff and visitors.
  • Recipes are backed by our culinary team, who can demonstrate the concepts at your trust.
  • The opportunity for NHS chefs to expand their repertoire and capabilities.
  • Exciting healthy eating options that support improved wellbeing.
  • Relatively simple recipes to produce – averaging eight to ten steps.
  • Some recipes are suitable for patients needing extra calories for recovery.
Chef preparing fresh veg, looking up recipe.

Not Just a Recipe
Each concept is accompanied by a separate analysis showing product codes, nutritional value and allergens. We have also broken down each recipe based on cost when bought through NHS Supply Chain and we can walk you through the potential revenue you could make in your staff and visitor restaurants.

The Concepts

Please note: Images shown may not represent the sample recipe offered, but is available in the recipe pack.

Interested in Seeing All of the Recipes?

See our Useful Links section for your local account manager’s contact details, they can share all of our culinary concept recipes and talk you through the recipe packs available. Our culinary concepts have been designed primarily with healthy eating in mind, ensuring salt and sugar levels are relatively low. Every concept also includes a plant-based dish, making healthy and sustainable eating more accessible to NHS staff and visitors.

Supported by the Award-Winning NHS Chef’s Academy

See our Useful Links section for further information on our award-winning Chef’s Academy events that were launched in late 2020, after recognising a gap in training and resources for NHS chefs. We believe our Chef’s Academy will inspire and create naturally more innovative kitchens. It’s important that we support NHS chefs to achieve their best. Each session teaches culinary skills through hands-on cooking and will take attendees through several of our range of recipes, giving NHS chefs the chance to test and learn before putting them into practice.

Training Apprenticeship Award