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The NHS has a challenge to deliver £22 billion in savings by the end of the financial year 2020/2021 including £700 million from improving procurement. NHS Supply Chain is uniquely positioned as the national provider to work alongside trusts to respond to this challenge and support its achievement.

We are working closely with the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) to deliver the £300 million of procurement efficiencies that were highlighted in Lord Carter’s interim report: Review of operational efficiency in NHS providers.

We are also working to meet recommendations to increase price transparency to lower costs and to reduce the number of products and suppliers used across the NHS to deliver economies of scale. So far we have reduced our catalogue from 600,000 product lines to 315,000 to help NHS organisations purchase products more efficiently.

We currently manage more than four million orders per year from over 120,000 order points at 10,000 different locations. We are able to consolidate orders from over 600 suppliers, removing the need for multiple deliveries each day, saving trusts time and money and removing any duplication from overlapping contracts.

As well as expertise in procurement and supply chain, we offer trusts a named customer service advisor, clinical nurse advisors and a full account management service. We aim to work collaboratively with trusts at this challenging time.

DHL no longer operate this site, that responsibility has transferred to Supply Chain Coordination Limited (SCCL). While we have taken every precaution to remove references to DHL on the site, should there be any remaining references, we advise that they are unintentional and SCCL remains the responsible party.

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