Programmes and Initiatives

NHS procurement programmes and initiatives

High-Cost Tariff-Excluded Devices

The new system for ordering High-Cost Tariff-Excluded Devices for specialised services.

RCN Small Change

Small changes, big differences

Involving nursing staff in the procurement of clinical supplies.

Traffic Light Support System

Helping nursing teams continue to focus fully on patient care.

AEDs in Schools

Find out about installation, usage and maintenance of Automated External Defibrillator (AEDs) in schools.

Food Safety

NHS Supply Chain has a UKAS accredited organisation that carries out comprehensive food supplier assessments.

Safter Sharps

Safer Sharps

Supporting a safer working environment with products to help reduce incidents of needlestick injury.

Government Buying Standards

Government Buying Standards: Food, Catering Services

See which meet the Government Buying Standards.


A panel set up to ensure consistency and to enable easy data presentation and comparison.

Delivering value to the NHS