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Improving your online experience

This website has been designed with a broad audience in mind. Some of the steps taken to make the content more accessible include:

Site Planning

The site is correctly structured using HTML and styled using CSS, to enable the user to have optimal cross-browser compatibility. The presentation and behaviour of the website can be controlled by the user, for example by increasing text size using browser settings.


The site is optimised to fit within a standard browser within the minimum industry standard screen resolution of 1024x768pixels and also be responsive for other devices.

See our Useful Links section for more information through w3schools.

Text Size

The text has been styled using a non-fixed value in a style sheet. This means users can easily make the text size on any page larger or smaller as required.

Alternative Text

Where possible, all images on the site are accompanied by a brief alternative text description which identifies an image or its function.

Further Notes

The development and testing of our website is ongoing and not restricted to the initial design. Please feel free to leave your comments regarding your experience using our site. All suggestions are welcome.

We are continuously assessing the needs of our customers and audience, and reviewing how we can further improve the accessibility of our website. We will keep you updated on the developments and improvements that we are making.