NRFit Connectors Update

Important Customer Notice Product Update

Ref: 2019/890 ICN Number: 890


  • In 2017 NHS Improvement issued guidance that trusts should transition to use NRFit connectors with neuraxial devices. The NRFit connectors should be compliant with ISO 80369-6:2016.
  • Please refer to the linked document “NRFit Patient Safety Alert Supporting Information”. This provides information to support safe transition from the Luer connector to NRFit for intrathecal and epidural procedures, and delivery of regional blocks.


  • Additional suppliers and products are now available with NRFit connectors for both spinal and epidural use.


  • Where this has not already been completed, trusts will need to transition from Luer and Surety connectors to NRFit connectors to comply with safety regulations.
  • We are working with suppliers to have any additional NRFit products available to order through our online catalogue.
  • We now have products available to order from B Braun Medical, GBUK Healthcare, Pajunk UK Medical Products Ltd, Rocket Medical PLC and Vygon UK Ltd.

Next Steps:

  • We will continue to work with suppliers to have their NRFit products available to order through the online catalogue.
  • Suppliers can support you when planning to transition to NRFit connectors, please see the contact details below.
  • For any other questions please contact NHS Supply Chain buyer, Chelsea Allen:

Supplier details

B Braun Medical Ltd


Becton Dickinson UK Ltd

Blue Box Medical Ltd

GBUK Healthcare

Pajunk UK Medical Products Ltd

Rocket Medical PLC

Sarstedt Limited

Teleflex Medical

Vygon UK Ltd

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  • 890 NRFit Connectors Update Product Listing

    An Excel file showing the product listing for ICN 890.

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  • 890 NRFit Patient Safety Alert Supporting Information

    A PDF file with details of a Patient Safety Alert for NRFit Connectors from NHS Improvement.