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Full Customer Migration to Gorsey Point Close to Final Stages of Completion

20 June 2024
Internal shot of Gorsey Point - the new Regional Distribution Centre

Known as Gorsey Point, our new Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) for the North West, is on track to be fully operational in July 2024.

Designed to meet the needs of our network and customers both now and in the future, the new RDC is part of our transformation activity. One of the key advantages is the new site’s capacity – a significantly larger range of stocked products can be stored, leading to improved efficiency in terms of the capability and resilience of our logistics.

We are now 60% of our way through customer migration and aiming to complete full customer migration by 10 July. We have gone live with tranche 4, and have successfully migrated 7,762 requisition points and 478 delivery locations which, equates to around 60,500 order lines.

Until full customer migration is achieved on 10 July, we will operate both Runcorn and Gorsey Point sites in tandem, to ensure we provide a ‘business as usual’ service. We will continue to provide a minimum of two weeks’ notice to trusts served from Runcorn to let them know the plan for their migration date to the new Gorsey Point site.

We’ll provide a further update once Gorsey Point is fully operational.