Improvements to Your Online Catalogue and Ordering Experience

8 October 2020

In response to your feedback, we are making a number of enhancements to our Online Catalogue and Ordering System as part of our Service Improvements Programme.

These include:

  • Updated look
  • Better online search
  • Clearer visibility of product attributes
  • Improved basket functionality.

Find out more about these changes and the benefits to you on this page. See our Useful Links section for additional information on the Service Improvements Programme.

Updated Look

We’re updating the look of the Online Catalogue to reflect the rest of our website in line with our brand. This will give you a more joined up experience as you move between our website (where you are now) and our Online Catalogue. The main changes you’ll notice are:

Example of latest updates on our webpage.

Menu bar (1)

This is being updated to match the menu headings used across the rest of our website and will take you through to our information website (where you are now).

Sign in (2)

The ‘sign in’ button is moving to the top right of the screen (on a desktop or laptop computer). It will be larger and more obvious too.

The sign-in box screen has been rebranded to match other login screens across our website. Pease continue to use your existing online catalogue login to place orders. We have also removed the Cookie Legal Disclaimer pop up box.

Further examples of latest updates on our webpage.

Navigation buttons (3)

We’re adding two new buttons to help you easily reach the Catalogue home page and Place an Order screen from whichever page you are on.

Your profile summary (4)

Once you’ve signed into your Online Catalogue and Ordering account, you’ll find details of your trust, requisition point and delivery day under the menu and navigation button. You’ll still find details such as My Orders, Masking, Quick Links and Sign out at the top of the page.

Better Online Search

Improved search (5)

We’ve simplified search to give you better and more responsive results, for example you can now search for words and terms with hyphens, such as Manufacturer’s Product Codes (MPCs).

Clearer Visibility of Product Attributes

From talking to you we know that product attributes such as size are important to you especially when comparing products.

We’re amending the Product Comparison page so it shows the size attribute when this is included in the product description.

Improved Basket Functionality

We know that you would like to be able to add items to your shopping basket and when you come back later for them to still be there.

Our catalogue update will mean that your order will remain in your basket if you log out but did not save or check out your order.

Please be aware that for now this change will not be at an individual user account level, it works using cookies and browser experience so you will need to log back in at the same computer to recover your basket.

When will the changes be happening?

We’ll be rolling out these changes in the coming weeks. These are part of a series of planned enhancements we are making to improve your experience of using our Online Catalogue and Ordering system based on your feedback and suggestions.

If you have any questions about the planned changes outlined on this page please contact:

IT Helpdesk