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Upgrading Our Finance System to Oracle Fusion Cloud Software

25 January 2024

We are currently undertaking a project to upgrade our financial planning and reporting system. We are moving from our current Oracle EBusiness Suite on-premise solution to an Oracle Fusion Financials system. This cloud based solution provides a comprehensive set of tools for budgeting, forecasting, planning, reporting and analytics.

The project will enable us to benefit from:

  • Modern technology and allow us to adopt and align our processes to industry best practices.
  • Automation of manual processes, driving efficiencies.

We are currently on target to achieve a go-live date of 1 April 2024.

Finance - Oracle Fusion

What are the key changes for our customers?

General Ledger (GL) file feeds

As part of our technology transformation programme, we migrated our eDirect orders away from our Resus warehouse management system to a new core ordering system (Oracle) and a new warehouse management system. Due to this split in our order types, some of our consolidated invoicing customers currently receive two GL files feeds (Resus and Oracle) and two supporting invoices, one for each file. With our move to Oracle Fusion, customers will go back to a single GL file and supporting invoice which will be in the existing Oracle format.

Oracle Bill Management

Many of our customers use our current billing portal to self-retrieve copies of their statements and invoices. As part of our move to Oracle Fusion Financials, we have chosen to adopt the Oracle Bill Management platform as it seamlessly integrates with Oracle Fusion and offers our customers similar functionality to our billing system today.

From 1 April 2024 all invoices / credit memos will be distributed from Oracle Bill Management. This will also be used to retrieve copy invoices and access statements. Access and training for the system will be communicated out in due course. The existing billing portal will still be available for all documents up to and including 31 March 2024.

Bank accounts

As part of the migration to Oracle Fusion Financials we have rationalised all our bank accounts and will have a single bank account for customer receipts from 1 April 2024. This will be more efficient for us and our customers.

  • We will be retaining bank account 10029737 (Supplychain Receivables) which is more commonly used.
  • We will be closing bank accounts:
    • 10029729 (Supplychain Maintenance)
    • 10029745 (Supplychain Capital).

Therefore all monies will need to be sent to the 10029737 bank account.

Document formats

The format of the invoices and credit notes that we issue will differ slightly with the change in the new system. If you scan our invoices in and use OCR software to pull the data off the invoices you may need to adjust your software for the new format documents. We will issue templates once they are finalised so you can make any necessary preparations ahead of 1 April 2024.

All these changes will come into effect from 1 April 2024. From this date there may be a freeze period where no invoices / credit memos are issued as we cut over to our new system. All documents up to and including 31 March 2024 will be sent from our current system so there will be no delays or impacts to financial year end 31 March 2024.


What will remain the same:

  • All customer payment terms
  • Your regular accounts receivables contacts and their contact details
  • Your account number
  • The query dispute process with Customer Services.

What will be changing:

  • The bank accounts for capital and maintenance contract invoices
  • Format of correspondence you receive
  • Content and frequency of chasing letters
  • Document sequencing of invoice numbers
  • Reduction in GL File Feeds
  • Billing system being replaced by Oracle Bill Management.

If you have any questions or concerns about our move to the Oracle Fusion Financials system and your bill management, please contact us at: