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Total Orthopaedic Solutions 3

Type: New Contract Reference: 2023/S 000-025037 Supply Route: Direct, eDirect
Start Date: 1 February 2024 Expiry Date: 30 January 2028

Important notice

Due to a backlog of products being added to NHS Supply Chain’s online catalogue for the Electrodes, Ultrasound Gels, Defibrillation and Related Consumables and the Total Orthopaedic Solutions 3 contract launches many of the changes required as part of those launches – such as new pricing, delists and new codes – have not yet taken effect on the catalogue.

Trusts ordering of these products through the catalogue may be disrupted, while the backlog is reduced.


The Total Orthopaedic Solutions 3 framework starts on 1 February 2024, runs for 48 months and ends on 30 January 2028. There is no option to extend.

This one framework agreement provides contractually compliant and clinically appropriate solutions across all sub-specialty areas in Orthopaedics, Trauma and Spine.

It provides access to competitive national pricing across three Lots (see the product categories section below) for orthopaedic products, equipment and services.

It builds on the success of the Total Orthopaedic Solutions 1 and 2 framework agreements by offering simplified banded and commitment discounts.

What you can expect from us

We will work closely with each Integrated Care System (ICS) or trust to provide support throughout the process with dedicated Category Managers (CMs) and Clinical Engagement and Implementation Managers (CEIMs). The CM will work with you to ensure the trust objectives are clearly identified early in the process and the CEIM will engage with your clinicians, drive rationalisation projects and help with product selections.

Opportunities are identified by completing a full review of a trusts orthopaedic spend and then benchmarking this against the Total Orthopaedic Solutions 3 framework. Value based procurement opportunities and innovative products will also be available.

Clinically focused

We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals with orthopaedic clinical, industry, product and commercial expertise who will work with all stakeholders.

It is essential that we have early meetings with clinical leads, to discuss the changing landscape, the end-to-end processes for complex projects and the national strategy. The assigned CEIM will then maintain direct and regular contact with the clinical lead or appointed sub speciality clinical lead to partner expertly with them throughout the process.


All suppliers on the framework have completed the NHS Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment, which gives suppliers a sustainability maturity score against NHS priorities and signposts their current position and pathway to progress.

ICS or trust specific sustainability priorities can be addressed through the call-off product process.

Net Zero and Social Value
Since April 2022 all our frameworks have adopted the Procurement Policy Notice 06/20. The suppliers on this framework have demonstrated their plans for:

  • Tackling economic inequality
  • Fighting climate change.

See our Useful Links section for an engagement guide on how we can support you to find your orthopaedics, trauma and spine solutions through the Total Orthopaedics Solutions 3 framework.

See our Downloads ▼ section for the full list of discontinued lines and details of all alternative products available.

123,804 lines will be delisted by 1 February 2024.

35,000 product lines have been added.

134,000 product lines will be transferred.

The following suppliers have been awarded to the Total Orthopaedic Solutions 3 framework:

  • 3D LifePrints UK Ltd – New
  • 3D Metal Printing Ltd – New
  • Acumed Ltd
  • Adler Ortho UK Limited
  • Anetic Aid Ltd
  • Anika Therapeutics Ltd
  • Arthrex Ltd
  • Arthro Dynamik Ltd
  • Braun Medical Limited
  • Baxter Healthcare Ltd
  • Biedermann Motech International LTD
  • Biocomposites Ltd
  • Biomet 3i UK, Ltd (ZimVie)
  • Bioventus Cooperatief U.A.
  • Bonesupport – New
  • Braun and Company Limited
  • Cenobiologics Ltd – New
  • ConMed UK Ltd
  • Contura Orthopaedics Ltd – New
  • Corin Ltd
  • De Soutter Medical Ltd
  • Delta Surgical Ltd
  • DP Medical Systems Ltd
  • Eakin Surgical Ltd
  • Edge Medical Ltd
  • Eurospine
  • Exactech UK Ltd
  • Fannin UK Limited
  • FH Ortho Ltd.
  • Freelance Surgical Limited
  • Future Health Works Ltd. (t/a myrecovery & – New
  • GenX MediCare – New
  • Globus Medical UK Ltd
  • Greenbone Spa – New
  • GS Medical Healthcare – New
  • Heraeus Medical UK Ltd
  • Hospital Innovations
  • Ideal Med
  • IGEA S.p.A. Branch UK – New
  • implantcast UK
  • Innovate Orthopaedics Ltd
  • Integra LifeSciences – New
  • Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd
  • joimax UK
  • Joint Operations (UK) Ltd
  • JRI Orthopaedics Ltd
  • Judd Medical Ltd
  • Kaiser Medical Technology Ltd – New
  • Karl Storz Endoscopy (UK) Ltd.
  • KLS Martin UK Limited
  • Lavender Medical
  • Leda Orthopaedics Ltd
  • Lima Orthopaedics UK Ltd
  • Lindare Medical Ltd
  • Link Orthopaedics UK Ltd
  • M.D.M Medical Ltd
  • Macromed UK Ltd
  • Marquardt UK
  • Materialise
  • MatOrtho Ltd
  • Medacta UK Limited
  • Medartis Ltd
  • MedScience Distribution Ltd
  • Medtronic Limited
  • Mercian Surgical Supply Company Limited
  • Meril UK Pvt Ltd – New
  • Metaphysis LLP
  • Microport Scientific Ltd
  • Molnlycke Health Care Ltd
  • Neptune Medical Limited
  • NSK United Kingdom Limited – New
  • NuVasive UK Ltd
  • Open Medical Ltd – New
  • Ortho Solutions UK Ltd
  • OrthoAccess Ltd – New
  • Orthofix Limited
  • Orthomotion Medical Ltd
  • Orthopediatrics EU Limited
  • Osteon Medical Ltd
  • Osteotec Ltd
  • Ovidius Medical Ltd
  • Ovidius Solutions Ltd – New
  • Paragon 28
  • Permedica UK Limited – New
  • Platts & Nisbett Ltd
  • Q Medical Technologies Ltd – New
  • Sectra Limited – New
  • Silony Medical Ltd
  • Smith & Nephew
  • Sovereign Medical
  • Spineart UK Ltd
  • Stryker UK Ltd
  • Summit Medical UK Ltd
  • Surgalign UK Ltd (Formerly Pioneer Surgical Technology B.V. or RTI Surgical)
  • Surgical Holdings
  • Surgical Instruments Group Holdings Ltd
  • Symbios
  • TRB Chemedica (UK) Ltd
  • United Orthopaedic Corporation UK Limited
  • Venturis Medical Ltd – New
  • Zimmer Biomet Limited

The following suppliers have been delisted:

  • Athrodax Healthcare International Ltd
  • Avicenna Surgical Ltd
  • Empire Medical UK
  • One Surgical Ltd
  • Total Ortho LLP
  • 35,000 new products have been added to this framework (from new and incumbent suppliers).
  • 169,000 products are on this framework in total.

Areas Covered

There are three lots on this new framework:

Lot 1 - Implants and Consumables (with 12 sub lots):

  • Lot 1.1 - Hip Arthroplasty
  • Lot 1.2 - Knee Arthroplasty
  • Lot 1.3 - Extremities Arthroplasty
  • Lot 1.4 - Complex Arthroplasty
  • Lot 1.5 - Internal and External Fixation
  • Lot 1.6 - Spine
  • Lot 1.7 - Arthroscopy and Fluid Management
  • Lot 1.8 - Bone Preparation
  • Lot 1.9 - Power Tool Consumables
  • Lot 1.10 - Regenerative Technology
  • Lot 1.11 - Orthopaedic Additional Devices
  • Lot 1.12 - Custom and Customisable Implants.

NHS Supply Chain has an agreed process with NHS England, for suppliers to quote for custom products and for NHS trusts to place orders via eDirect. This is set to bring significant time and cost efficiencies to treating these most complex of patient needs.

Lot 2 - Equipment

Includes but not limited to:
  • Robotics
  • Navigation
  • Imaging
  • Fluid Management
  • Consoles and Arthroscopic Stack Systems
  • Power Tools
  • Helmets (hoods/togas)
  • Tourniquet Machines
  • Bone Harvesting/Milling
  • Ultrasound Cement Removal
  • Cement Mixing
  • Ultrasound Bone Healing.

The consumables for equipment are in sub lot 1.11

Lot 3 - Services and Solutions

Includes but not limited to:
  • Wearable Devices
  • Patient/surgeon Applications
  • Software Solutions
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology
  • Efficiency Programmes
  • Patient Planning
  • Managed Equipment Services
  • Technical Support.


  • Leading suppliers on contract – providing enhanced range and value from a single source.

More savings

  • Pay less – with NHS Supply Chain you have a wider range of product options so you can select the ones that are fit for purpose and value for money.
  • Leave your tendering to us – spend less time and money on tendering and let our procurement specialists undertake it on your behalf.
  • Back office savings – the efficiency of our service, ranging from e-ordering to consolidated deliveries, enables significant back office savings.

More value

  • An integrated approach – the financial benefits of NHS Supply Chain go beyond just product prices. Our approach is an integrated one that reduces cost throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to global logistics, resulting in a much lower total cost.
  • Purchasing through our route – when there are changes in the market, we can help minimise the impact of price rises and give support with cost saving initiatives.

Our knowledge and expertise

  • Dedicated Hospital Care and Out of Hospital Care Teams – your day to day contact for all queries. They will help you identify savings opportunities, solve any issues on your behalf and ensure high service levels are always met.
  • NHS Supply Chain Buyers – procurement specialists in their product fields who can give expert advice on new and alternative products.
  • Implementation Team – experts in helping you set up the new processes and training required when introducing new products.
  • Customer Services Team – with the daily support provided by our dedicated and knowledgeable advisors and service managers you know you are in safe hands.
  • Customer Assurance – providing customers with the confidence and assurance of products using a process of clinical evaluation and engagement with clinical users. This ensures all products are clinically assured by the CaPA process supported by engagement with an aligned Trusted Customer.

Peace of mind

  • Dependable deliveries – having access to the know-how and resources of one of the world’s largest logistics companies means we can offer unrivaled dependability and responsiveness when it comes to our delivery services.
  • Framework agreement – awarded in accordance with UK procurement legislation.
  • Sustainable development – we are certified to ISO 140001 International Standard for Environment Management System.

Downloads ▼

  • Delisted Products for Total Orthopaedic Solutions 3

    An Excel file showing the delisted products for Total Orthopaedic Solutions 3.
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  • Product Matrix for Total Orthopaedic Solutions 3

    An Excel file showing the suppliers who provide products under each lot and sub lot.
    Login to view the downloads
  • TOS 3 - Awarded Supplier by Lot Matrix

    A matrix showing the suppliers awarded against each lot in the Total Orthopaedic Solutions 3 framework
  • Regional Team Contact Details for TOS3 Framework

    A document giving the contact details of the NHS Supply Chain team managing the Total Orthopaedic Solutions 3 Framework, organised by NHS region
  • Orthopaedic Data Process Flow and Workplan Development

    A document showing the orthopaedics stages of clinically engaged product market assessment.
  • Indicative Timescales for the Engagement Process

    A document showing the indicative timescales for Total Orthopaedic Solutions 3 engagement
  • Twelve Stages of Clinical Engagement in Product Rationalisation

    An image showing the 12 stages of clinical engagement in product rationalisation for the Total Orthopaedic Solutions 3 framework